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Dr. Mohammad Rahimi

Working on West Asia(Iran, Afghanistan) climate change impacts on agriculture and water resoureses and climate modelling.

I was born in Tabriz (Nortwest of Iran) in 1972. I got my B.Sc. in Agriculture engineering at 1996 from Tabriz University. Later I graduated in Agricultural Meteorology at 2000 from Tehran University.I got my Ph.D. in Physical Geography (Climatology) from Tehran Tarbiat Modares University at 2009. I got a post-doc scholarship from Erasmus Mundus at 2011 in Climate Modelling at Freie Universität Berlin. I started my work at Iran Meteorological Organization as an Agrometeorologist at 2000. In 2002 I was appointed as the head of Agrometeorological section. In 2005 I became the director of meteorological stations department. In 2008 I was appointed as the director of Iran meteorological training center. I was also the secretariat for National Secretariat for IPCC in Iran during years 2005 to 2009. I was participated in several IPCC meetings as delegate member and head delegate. I was also expert reviewer of IPCC reports (AR4 & SRREN). I left meteorological organization for Semnan Universitiy at 2010. Semnan university is one of the well know Universities of Iran with about 15000 students which is located in central desert of Iran. I started my work there as assistant professor in Faculty of desert studies. I was appointed as the director of scientific international cooperation office of the University at 2011. From 2000 I had many scientific publications (Papers, presentations, books, etc) regarding extreme events and climate change. I contributed in IPCC special report on extreme events (SREX) as lead author. At the present I am involved in 3 important national and regional projects in Iran and west Asia. Urban climate studies for Iran, Drought and climate change in Iran, Dust storms in Iran and west Asia, and climate modeling of west Asia by CCLM model. I think the west Asian countries have to work all together to manage environmental problems of this region such as drought, dust storms, climate modeling and adaptation. The universities and other research centers of these countries are responsible for scientific issues. Iran can take the main and leadership role. However contribution with well know universities of developed countries would be very useful.

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Agriculture; Climate change; Drought; Land management; Stakeholder involvement/Negotiations

Available for:

Internship; Volunteer; Consultancy

Contact details:

Faculty of Desert Studies (kavir)
Semnan University
Molavi Blvd, Saadi Sq.,
Semnan, Iran
P.O. Box: 35196-45399
Tel :( +98) 231 3335405
Fax:( +98) 231 3335404
Mobile:(+98)912 3275302


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