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Emmanuel Oladipo, Climatologist

Name: Prof. Emmanuel Olukayode Oladipo Nationality: Nigerian Date of Birth: 1951 Qualifications: • PhD Geography, University of Toronto, Canada, 1983 • MSc Geography, University of Toronto, Canada, 1977 • BA Geography, Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria, 1974 Selected country experience: Nigeria, Niger, Ghana, Botswana, New Zealand, Ethiopia, Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique Languages: English Key qualifications Professor Emmanuel Olukayode Oladipo is a former Assistant Resident Representative of the UNDP to Nigeria and has 17 years experience working on sustainable development for the United Nations. He is a Professor of Geography and an accomplished author of several publications on climate change. Professor Oladipo is a co-author of the Vision 2020 and lead adviser to the Federal Ministry of Environment on climate change. He is one of Nigeria’s lead negotiators for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of Parties. Emmanuel possesses a very thorough knowledge about the broad issues of climate change, environment and energy as well as their relationships/linkages with development. Capable of conceptualising and formulating thematic climate related development programmes, as well as undertaking research on the issues of development and climate change in general. He has good analytical ability to diagnose development and climate change issues from multi-sectoral points of view; put them in proper perspectives and proffer workable suggestions and solutions. As a specialist in Climatology, he has capacity to provide scientific analysis for critical environmental issues; particularly energy/environment relations, climate change, drought, desertification, floods, erosion, and environmental change, as well as issues related to alternative sustainable energy sources. Emmanuel is capable of providing policy advice on issues of development, particularly issues on poverty eradication and environmental sustainability. Presently consults regularly with government (National, State and Local), donor agencies, civil society organisations, research institutions and other stakeholders on issues of environment, including urban environment, and plays good advisory, and advocacy roles about sustainable development. Has capacity to train, and organize conferences, workshops and seminars, not only in the areas of energy and environment for development, but also in development in general. Emmanuel has the ability to manage human and financial resources for effective programme delivery (some working knowledge of Atlas; former Head of Geography Department, Deputy Dean, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria; former Head of the Energy and Environment Unit in UNDP, Nigeria; now a Regional Coordinator of an international GEF-supported Project). With over 15 years of working and/or interacting with bilateral and multilateral donors and agencies, as well as with international NGO, he has a lot of knowledge about their work and funding ethics, which could be easily tapped into to raise climate change funds for mitigation and adaptation activities in Nigeria. Emmanuel has adequate competency to monitor and evaluate environment and development projects and initiatives for impact. He relates very well with colleagues and drives for teamwork success. Capable of leading technical teams on formulation and monitoring of development programmes, including those related to the energy, environment (physical and human) and poverty reduction. Employment history 1992 - Professor of Geography, Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria 2006 - Regional Coordinator, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Niger Republic 2002 – 2006 Head, Energy and Environment Unit, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Nigeria 1994 – 2002 Sustainable Development Adviser, UNDP, Nigeria 1988 – 1991 Head, Department of Geography, Ahmadu Bello University Nigeria 1982 – 1985 Various Lecturer Positions, Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria Selected experience i. Consults regularly for AfDB on climate change mainstreaming into Country Strategy Papers (Gambia, Liberia, Malawi, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and South Africa) as well as on Environmental and Social Management Systems. ii. Consults for Nigeria Infrastructure Advisory Facility (NIAF) on climate change adaptation mainstreaming iii. Plays lead role in national climate change effort to develop (i) National Climate Change Policy and Response Strategy; and (ii) National Adaption Strategy and Plan of Action iv. Adaptation Preparedness Consultant – HBS work on Nigeria’s Adaptation Preparedness March 2010. v. GEF/UNDP Evaluation (i) Sustainable Land Management Project, Ghana and (ii) Incorporating Non-Motorized Transport (NMT) Facilities in the City of Gaborone, Botswana. vi. Published in national and international Journals in the area of climate change, drought and desertification Selected publications Oladipo, E. O., 2010: Towards Enhancing the Adaptive Capacity of Nigeria: A Review of the Country’s State of Preparedness for Climate Change Adaptation – A Report Commissioned by the Heinrich Boll Foundation, Nigeria. Oladipo, E. O., 2009: Nigeria’s Perspectives on Adaptation to Climate Change – A Report Commissioned for COP15 by NigeriaCAN Nyong, E. E. and Oladipo, E. O. eds., 2003: Creating an Enabling Environment for Sustainable Development of the Niger Delta Region. Proceedings of the International Conference and Follow-up Thematic Workshops on the Sustainable Development of the Niger Delta Region. 291pp. Ati, O.F., Stigter, C.J and Oladipo, E. O., 2002: Comparison of Methods to Determine the Onset of the Growing Season in Northern Nigeria. International Journal of Climatology, 22, 731 – 742. Oladipo, E. O., 1995: An Indication of Abrupt Change of Rainfall and its Potential Impacts on Energy Development in Nigeria. In Umolu, J. C, ed.. Global Climate Change: Impact on Energy Development. DAMTECH Nig. Ltd. Jos. 231 – 238. Oladipo, E. O., 1995: Climate and Drought Phenomenon in West Africa and its Relation to Desertification. inDrought Preparedness and Management for Western African Countries.WMO/UNSO (1995). Pp. 7 – 16. Oladipo, E. O., 1992: Global Climate Warming and Global Responsibility: Perspectives from Developing Countries. Mimeo (1992) Oladipo, E. O., 1991: Potential Impacts of Climatic Change on Nigeria. in Ariyo, J. O. ed. Some Perspectives on Environmental Management and Resource Development in Nigeria.Department of Geography, ABU Occasional Paper No 9.43-54. Ramakrishna, K and Oladipo, E. O., 1990: Feasibility of the Target Approach for Developing Countries and Centrally Planned Economies. inTargets and Indicators of Climatic Change (E.R. Rijsberman and R.J. Stewart eds.) The Stockholm Environment Institute.145-164.
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Expert in Climate Change Drought and Desertification


Climate change; Drought; Land degradation and restoration; Land management; Stakeholder involvement/Negotiations

Available for:

Consultancy; Consultancy to support reporting process; Consultancy to Parties

Contact details:

​Prof. Emmanuel Olukayode Oladipo
c/o Department of Geography
University of Lagos
Tel: +2348033137693





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