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Stefan Kuzmanovski, Environmental, Energy and Development Issues

EDUCATION: 01 September 2011–June 2014 Bachelor of Science in Earth and Space Sciences at Jacobs University, Bremen (Germany) General courses: Single Variable Calculus, Physics, Statistics, Chemistry and Ecology Courses Specific Courses: Environmental geosciences, Aqueous Geochemistry, Igneous Geochemistry, Geology, Resource Geology (Minerals and Oil/Gas), Geology and Marine Biology Field Trips to the Harz Mountains, Eifel Area, the North Sea and Helgoland, Iceland and New Zealand BSc Thesis: Methodological comparison of models to estimate organic complexation of Cu in CO2 seeps of the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Andrea Koschinsky (Jacobs University) and Dr. Sylvia Sander (University of Otago) 01 September 2011–June 2014 Bachelor of Science in Integrated Environmental Studies at Jacobs University, Bremen (Germany) General Courses: Single Variable Calculus, Statistics, Environmental Studies, Chemistry and Ecology, Economics and Politics Courses Specific Courses: International Institutions, Introduction to Economics, Environmental and Resource Economics, Introduction to Sustainable Energy Policy, Geospatial Environmental and Resource Data Analysis, Histories of Development, Waste Management and Technology, Field Trip to East Frisia: Impact of Climate Change on Amazonian Ecosystems, Environmental Biotechnology BSc Thesis: The new Arctic: Gas and Oil Developments with Implications for Arctic Governance. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Karen Smith-Stegen (Jacobs University) Grade Point Average for both majors: 1.42 on a 5.00(fail) to 1.00(best) scale PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 01 February 2014–Present Teaching Assistant for the Course “Field trip to East Frisia: Consequences of changed land use, climate change, and developments in renewable energies” Jacobs University, Bremen (Germany) ▪ preparing and holding a one day preparatory seminar ▪ preparing information materials and hand-outs ▪ organizing accommodation and visits of points of interests during the field trip ▪ accompanying the students on the five day trip ▪ grading reports and active participation during the field trip 24 June 2013–24 August 2013 Research Assistant NIWA/University of Otago Research Center for Oceanography, Dunedin (New Zealand) ▪ developing and implementing an independent research project ▪ performing independent daily lab work related to using competing ligand equilibration-adsorptive cathodic stripping voltammetry (CLE-AdCSV) for Cu-organic speciation measurement ▪ determining total metal concentrations with an ICP-MS in seawater samples 01 September 2012–Present Student Assistant Jacobs University/College Nordmetall, Bremen (Germany) ▪ creating, organizing and executing social events for the international student community(students from 100differentcountries) and the wider Bremen community ▪ taking an active role in policy and decision making in the Residential College ▪ communication and PR ▪ office and administrative work ▪ working in a seven-person multi-cultural team 15 June 2012–01 August 2012 Intern at the Department for Development and Investments JSC ELEM Macedonian Power Plants, Skopje (Republic of Macedonia) ▪ studying the Environmental and Social Impact Studies for development of new large scale hydropower and wind power projects in Macedonia ▪ attending meetings for the ISO 14001 certification of existing power plants ▪ analysing monthly environmental impact studies for Macedonia's coal power plants ▪ taking meeting minutes, sending emails and preparing meeting materials LANGUAGES: fluent: English, Macedonian working knowledge: Turksih, German, Serbian, Croatian, SKILLS: Communication skills ▪ excellent communication skills obtained by working as a Student Assistant in the Nordmetall College Office which requires daily interaction with students from 100 different countries as well as professors and university administration ▪ excellent contact skills obtained as President of The Environmental Club at Jacobs University which requires contact with university administration, students and the Bremen community Organisational / managerial skills ▪ impressive leadership skills obtained by being President for two years of the Jacobs University Environmental Club (responsible for 20 people) and having a senior position on the College Nordmetall Office team (7 people) ▪ brilliant organizational skills obtained by organizing events in the College Office and in the Environmental Club (at least one Campus-wide event per month) ▪ exemplary time management skills obtained by working multiple jobs at the same time, pursuing two degrees and being involved in many extracurricular activities. Computer skills ▪ excellent command of the Microsoft Office suite ▪ basic Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Premiere and After Effects skills.
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Recent gradute looking for a career in International Organizations dealing with Energy, Environment or Sustanability


Awareness raising; Climate change; Ecology; Land management; Land degradation and restoration; Soil science

Available for:

Internship; Volunteer; Fellowship; Consultancy

Contact details:
Cellphone number: +491622603338






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