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Crowdfunding and donations

Are you looking for projects in dry lands you want to give donations to? Here are some innovative and verifiable project you can consider. To donate, simply follow the link to the organizations website.
(Please note that the UNCCD secretariat is not involved in these projects or in processing your donation.)

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Organizations accepting donations

Terra Nova Limitada, Mozambique

Terra Nova Limitada employs the disadvantaged in their community to create compost from organic waste to increase productivity. The compost produced is then used to improve crop yields and support farmers with low income to increase their production.
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Terra Nova Limitada seeks donations to recycle at least ca. 20.000 tons/year of organic waste by 2017, producing and selling 6.000 tons of compost to promote diversification of crops yields and improve their quality, while increasing revenues of about 5.000 to 10.000 farmers.

Forest and Agroforestry Promoters (FAP NGO) Cameroon

Forest and Agroforestry Promoters (FAP NGO) Cameroon promote the sustainable management of the natural and wetland resources in the Western highlands of Cameroon.
hopelink project_home.jpg
Forest and Agroforestry Promoters seek donations to plant 20.000 indigenous tree species in the Upper Shinga community forest in Cameroon to improve the living standards of the forest dependent communities through income generating activities such as bee keeping and agrofrestry practices.

International Centre for Environmental Education and Community Development (ICENECDEV), Cameroon

The International Centre for Environmental Education and Community Development ICENECDEV in Cameroon is raising awareness, promoting education, and supporting community development programmes, by sharing practical ways in which people can address environmental conservation issues. 
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The organization seeks donations to restore the forest in the mount Cameroon region, and teach the local community methods to establish a tree nursery. The International Centre for Environmental Education and Community Development aims to plant 2,000 trees of Leucaena Leucocephala along the boundaries of the mount Cameroon national park.

Hope Link Development Project, Kenya

Hope Link Development Project is an integrated orphanage, established in 2007 as a grass root community based organization.  Their main goals are to reduce poverty, generate employment, and disseminate knowledge through capacity building on environmental, social and economic issues.
hopelink project_home.jpg
Hope Link Development Project is raising funds to organize their community in the field of sustainable agriculture, which benefits the community through recycling systems and sustainable land management, promoting food security and sustainable development.

Fundación Agreste

Fundación Agreste in Argentina works on Sustainable Development, in social and environmental issues, and, amongst others, in the development of projects for the empowerment of rural communities, the implementation of innovative techniques for the development of family farming, and adding value to artesian productions.
Fundación Agreste is raising funds through small donations to support the implementation of a mechanism to finance projects of small producers associations of small, and to support local value adding by the production of artisanal derivatives.

SOIL (Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods)

SOIL is a non-profit organization working in Haiti to promote integrated approaches to the challenges of poverty, public health, agricultural productivity, and environmental destruction. SOIL provides toilets in communities where people lack access to basic sanitation, and then collects the human waste to make rich, organic compost. ​
SOIL is raising funds for their Sustainable Agriculture Internship program, to improve the quality of sustainable agriculture education in Haiti.

Royal Botanic Garden of Jordan

The Royal Botanic Garden works to ensure a dignified, sustainable life for all Jordanians through biodiversity conservation and habitat rehabilitation at the whole-systems level.
The Royal Botanic Garden is raising funds for their Community-Based Rangeland Rehabilitation program, helping to overcome poverty among local herders by teaching them skills that allow them to earn more money while at the same time helping to rehabilitate arid lands.

Permaculture Research Institute Kenya

The Permaculture Research Institute Kenya is dedicated to the promotion of permaculture and traditional knowledge systems for efficient and ecologically sound management of food, water and energy systems and climate change adaptation.
The Permaculture Research Institute Kenya is raising funds for the second phase of the project “Regenerating Rusinga Land”, aimed at training farmers in sustainable land management through permaculture and supporting them to become model farmers and peer educators in their community.

Young Achievers Empowerment Project Namibia

Young Achievers Empowerment Project is set up to inspire and motivate young people to become responsible citizens, both locally, regionally and globally.
The Young Achievers Empowerment Project is raising funds for a gardening project in the North of Namibia, which has endured the worst droughts in recent years. The project is aimed at answering the call for food security in inevitable climatic conditions and at the same time inspire young people to start up initiatives of such nature.

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The “Donation” page on the Marketplace is designed as a platform to facilitate the exchange of information regarding donation and fund raising for organizations that work within the framework of combating desertification, land degradation and drought (DLDD). The page brings donors and non-profit organizations in one place to facilitate easy access to opportunities for funding and sharing ideas and exchange of expertise and experience.
Please check out the "guide for donations" to add your organization to this list.


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