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Professionals​​ and Consultants

​Are you looking for specialized assistance for a project? Below you can find profiles of available consultants, specialists, and/or students looking for an internship or volunteer opportunities.

Profiles of Professionals and Consultants: 

If you are interested in professionals who are working on a specific topic, you can filter the list below by clicking on one of these links:  
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   Land degradation and restoration   |   Land management   |  Migration     
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Erdogan Ozevren
UNCCD National focal point I am interested as professional, most important thing is share knowledege and to find useful information for combating desertification. I am forest engineer and have experience on watershed management. Project preparation and implementation on soil conservation. Rural development.

Dr. Mohammad Rahimi
Working on West Asia(Iran, Afghanistan) climate change impacts on agriculture and water resoureses and climate modelling.

Ismail Muhammad NRM Specialist
Coordination and Networking with various national, regional institutions both government and non- government. Work as an ICIMOD country focal point for Afghanistan. Management and coordination of regional action research programmes. Resource Person for Co- Management Training for partners and communities Ability to conduct national and regional training and workshops -Closely worked with national programme implementing institutions in China, Bhutan, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. -Extensively contributed to the development of ICIMOD Regional Rangeland Programme III. -Contributed to number of articles and conference papers. -Managed various AKRSP assisted forestry projects within Chitral with annual disbarment of Rs. 3 million. -Directly Supervised 10 project field staff in forestry projects -Rangeland Management Action Research -Community Mobilization and Development -Participatory Planning, monitoring and Evaluation

Dr. Mehdi Ghorbani
I am Assistant Prof. at faculty of natural recources , University of Tehran. My research background consist of Natural Resources Co-Management, Natural Resources Governance, Sustainable Development, Social Networks in Natural Resources Management, Indigenous Ecological Knowledge in natural resources management and Human-Environment Systems Modeling. I am Manager of Environmental sociology group in Iranian Sociology Society. Also, I am manager of some projects in Iranian governmental Organizations about Resources Management.

Chandra Bhan Gupta, Management Consultant
Experienced Solution Provider - Expert

Mohammad Abaee Shoushtary; Industrial Engineering
Mohammad Abaee Shoushtary, Industrial Engineering

Joevil Pepania, Master of Agriculture Science and Technology
I am working in MOSCAT (Misamis Oriental State College of Agriculture and Technology)

Makuena Linake - Journalist
I would like to help in raising awareness in the public about Climatic Change (Shepherds, support groups and people in rural areas who are mostly hit hard by the effects of CC)

Dr Nkoyok jacdueline PhD
research on environmental management, training on land mangement agro ecology ,advocacy,capacity building

Saher ALkhouri; Rural planner
Rural planner, GIS and Remote sensing Specialist, Agricultural Engineer

Professor Ben Boer; Environmental Lawyer
Ben Boer, Environmental Law Professor, Wuhan University, China and University of Sydney, Australia

Fady Asmar, Agriculture and Forest Engineer, Ecosystem Management , Mediatot
Combating Desertification and Land Degradation; Climate Change; Sustainable Land Management; Mediation and Conflict Resolution; Strategy, policy and management of ecosystems, forests and rangelands, including: watershed management, silviculture, ecotourism, forest education, agro-silvo-pastoral systems, cultural aspects of biodiversity, protected areas, socio-economic aspects, integrated rural development, and project formulation and monitoring; Sustainable Rural Development; Education; Sustainable Livelihood Approach. Strong extra-professional experience in humanitarian and youth related organizations.

Tayyab Shahzad; Sustainable Land Management Expert
Have twenty years experience of working in Sustainable Land Management (SLM), land use planning for SLM, environment, NRM, livelihood, food security, REDD+ and poverty reduction by involving community participation. Prepared related projects for approval from donors. Some of the projects prepared received funding from multilateral, national and private sector agencies. Implemented such projects on the ground. Collected relevant data for planning and assessments of related interventions. Established targets and performance indicators, monitored and appraised projects implemented by NGOs and Government departments, prepared Agreements. Involved in funding and reviewed disbursements. Did monitoring, reviewed impact assessment of projects, coordinated course correction and budget revision. Wrote policies, strategies and plans. Initiated/maintained contact with stakeholders. Provided inputs for audits, guidelines, manuals and standard operating procedures. Prepared ToRs and involved in selection of missions. Coordinated program of missions and consultants and followed up their recommendations. Prepared guidelines for local level fund establishment helpful in cost recovery of the funds provided through internal lending by Community Based Organizations. Identified and reported best practices and lessons learnt. Coordinated training workshops for the community and staff of government and NGOs.

Gunilla Björklund, Physical geographer
Expert in the interphase climate adaptation/water policy/land degradation/drought

Rossella Soldi; Environmental Expert
18 years of professional (post-graduate) experience in rural development with focus on environmental issues (including water, energy and climate change), agriculture and agro-industries, tropical forests, sustainable development, natural resources management, small-scale fishery, land use, crop status monitoring and food security. Has extensively worked in developing countries (including LDCs) since 1994. In-country professional experience in Asia (Indonesia, Laos, Bangladesh, The Philippines) and in the Pacific region (Solomon Islands with duty travel to Vanuatu, Fiji and Western Samoa) but also in Africa (Tunisia, Uganda), Moldova, Kyrgyzstan and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Has worked within EU and WB-funded projects in close liaison with national authorities, local agencies/institutions and NGOs. Familiar with the Logical Framework Approach and the PCM from project design to formulation, budgeting, implementation and evaluation. Strong skills in project accountancy review (accounting systems, financial reporting and expenses monitoring). Practical experience of M&E. Strong experience in indicator-based monitoring, through the use of impact and performance indicators (result-based-management) as well as regular (monthly, quarterly) reporting. Strong experience as assessor of EU programmes: (i) Non-State Actors and Local Authorities in Development’; (ii) Forestry, Environment and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources, including Energy; (iii) Asia Pro Eco; (iv) Tsunami and post-Tsunami; (v) SWITCH-Asia; and (vi) 7th FP Theme 6 ‘Environment, including Climate Change’. Projects were assessed also against cross cutting themes including poverty, gender issues, and community participation. Has regularly performed on-the-job training, capacity building and institutional strengthening tasks within cooperation projects. Over 10 years of team leadership and coordination of complex projects and technical assistants. Excellent analytical, communication and report writing skills in English (and Italian).

Mr. Dennis Fenton
Experience in over 50 countries on four continents; expertise in strategy and policy development, programme design and management, project design, monitoring and evaluation systems, partnership building, negotiation and advocacy, small grant facilities, knowledge management and resource mobilisation; significant experience coordinating large and complex technical assistance programmes and managing multi-cultural teams.

Mohamed QARRO; Professor & Researcher
Interested in all issues relating to forest mangement, biodiversity, relationship with users, desertification.

Ntyam Franck Philemon, agricultural communicator
In order for us to tackle the Africans' living conditions and reduce poverty and undernourishment in Africa, need a good communication and a broad awareness in the agricultural sector. even in the promotion of gender equality. That is why therefore I am a young Cameroonian, resident in Douala ayannt the potenckialité who wants to offer my expertise to the development of Africa and the world in general.

Juliane Zeidler, Senior Environmental Consultant
Communications and capacity building are key to transformation toward a more sustainable world. Under the umbrella of climate change, sustainable land management, biodiversity much needs to be done to enhance understanding for an enhanced decision making and management arena.

Ms. Panduleni Taati; Student
Creating awareness in the public that drought and desertification are threatening the development of the Arican societies.

Elena Laura Ferretti, Environment & Development Consultant
I can provide consultancy work for land management, biodiversity and poverty reduction

Francois Tapsoba, Economist
International Consultant having worked with several UN Agencies and African institutions on Policies, strategies and project development for SLM, desertification control and poverty reduction.

Mr Walter Ihula; B.Sc. Studentin Agriculture at the University of Polytechnic of Namibia
I am a male Namibian citizen currently based in Windhoek, studying towards B.Sc. in Agricultural Management.

Kweedi Johanna; Environmental Biology and Geography Student
I am friendly, approachable and a fast learner and I love challenges. I am able to work under pressure and willing to always take chances as long as my employers have bright smilling faces. I have passion for nature though, especially in the field of riverine and wetland ecosystems.

Justina Shimwafeni, Agricultural student
Educating people on how to use the scarce resource in a sustainable way.

Prof. Lindsay C Stringer; Scientific Researcher
Dryland researcher with expertise on links between land degradation and livelihoods. Good knowledge of UNCCD processes.

Kolade Iyiola, Assistant Environmental Research Officer
Kolade Iyiola, Environmental Sustainability, Nigeria

Xeniya Mironova, MA in Human Rights
Xeniya is looking for an internship opportunity and for a job.

Manal Elewah; Environmental Engineer
I believe that awareness should start as early as possible for our future generation to live in the world we want.

Moustapha Moussa, student in master of ecology
I am ready to work and be a volunteer everywhere.

Santosh Mishra, Forester
I have been working in forestry related jobs since 2009. I have finished my B.Sc. in forestry six years ago. My areas of interest are Sustainable Resourses Management, wetland ecology and climate change.

Hassen Harabi, PhD student in planning
Ecotourism and combating desertification in arid land area: New approach for development

Mahfuja Parven; Secretraite, Assistant Director of Asia
Mahfuja Parven,Secretraite, Assistant Director of Asia(Health), IYC-Bangladesh Chapter

Rodolfo Silva; Civil Engineer
Masters´s student looking for an Internship early 2014. Fields of interest: Water scarcity, Land degradation, desertification.

Dr. Kanysh Nurymgereyev, Land Use Planning Engineer
Hands on experience in Sustainable development, Natural resource management, Civil society development, Community development, Project concept design and management.

Sheyla Felix; International Economics & Finance
Intern, Financial Engineering and Innovation. Seeking for an entry position starting January 2014.

Bajrang Lal, Agribusiness Innovation
My life is guided by convention that we should strive to better place than we found. I was active volunteer in organizing agriculture management program during my childhood days for my own farm.

Abdul Rahman Ilyas, Agribusiness Development Professional
Agricultural Innovations and value chains attract me and I strive to bridge them for the benefit of small holders and entrepreneurs!

Emmanuel Oladipo, Climatologist
With a doctorate degree in Climatology and over 30 years of work experience, nearly half of which was with the UN System, as well as over two and half decades of interest in issues related to environment

Prof. Dr. Marc Bied-charreton
Président d'honneur of the french scientific committee on desertification, member of the scientific committee of the french global fund for environnment; Prof. of Ecologiacl Economics.

Isabelle AMSALLEM, Tropical Agronomy Engineer, Science writer and editor
I’ve been working as a consultant to support reporting process of France for the Convention. I’ve been working for years on impact indicators for projects to combat DLDD and as a Science writer on DLD.

Mr Ibrahim Gadu
Renewable Energy Consultant

Mr. Dominique Wilson
Inspiring people to care about the Environment

Calixte HOUSSOU, Engineer in Planing and Environment
Ingénieur Planificateur Aménagiste : DESS en planification et aménagement du territoire, spécialiste des questions de l’environnement et du développement durable, 15 années d’expériences dans le doma

Ozlem Yavuz; Forest Engineer
I am a Division Director on Combating Desertification at Ministriy of Forestry and Water Affairs

Manfred W. Buch, Professor for Geography, Climate & Environmental Change and Sustainable Development Studies
Manfred Buch offers a unique combination of an in-depth academic education and professional consultancy background in all aspects of Climate & Environmental Change and Sustainable Development.

Rania Bou Kheir; Professor
Environmental sciences, earth observation

Bright Gavu, Geomatic Engineer
I interact easily with people of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and professional levels. I am self-motivated, multi-tasking team player with leadership abilities; easily adaptable to changes.

Klaus Kellner, restoration ecologist
Research in Desertification, Land degradation and Drought related matters, including restoration and rehabilitation of degraded rangelands in arid- and semi-arid grass and savanna areas

My expertise is mainly focused on issues connected to climate change policy making, legislation, projects and programmes in respect to both mitigation of and adaptation to climate change.

Abd-Alla Gad Abd-Alla Gad, Professor of Soils and Environment
Assessment of land degradation and desertification processes, using remote sensing and GIS

Mr RUZIMA Salvator
Graduate in Geological and Mineralogical sciences (bac+4) from the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium, 1982) with specialised training in Physical Geography, Geomorphology and Tropical Climatology

Prof. Dr. Hassan Hamed Mohamed HENDY Ex-Chairman of Ecology and Dry Land Agriculture Desert Research Center, Cairo Egypt
Working on UNCCD stratgy and alignment in Egypt and able to help any country ANGLO, FRANCO OR ARABIC To finalize NAP alignment, working on PRAIS

Ndumiso Cyprian Magagula, Environmental Manager and Teacher
I like working in initiatives aimed at environmental conservation/restorattion/rehabilitation.

Sandor Szalai, Agrometeorologist
Background is meteorology, experience at met. service and university, practice in climatology and its applications, incl. climate change.

Mr. Onyango Willy
Poverty reduction volunteer

Mr. Hudson Wereh Shiraku
A blogger, ICT4D Consultant, Researcher, Environmental Scientist

Helena Wright, Environmental Researcher
Researcher in Climate Change Policy and Finance

Dr. Munir Zia, Soil Fertility Specialist
Soil fertility and plant nutrition specialist, agricultural advisor

Mr. Azeez Tajudeen Olayemi, agricultural practitioner
When a farmer is technically and financially empowered, it is an empowerment to a Nation

Ibrahima BANGOURA, Ingénieur des Eaux et Forêts
Spécialiste des écosystèmes de mangrove, consultant international en mangrove, Expert National chargé de la rédaction du rapport national sur la désertification (PRAIS) au compte de la CCNULD.

Dr Vivek Saxena
Experience in UNCCD web based PRAIS reporting for 4th & 5th National report, CST correspondent since 2010 and negotiated during CoP-10 & CoP 11 as country representative, more than 19 years experience.

Rajkanti Kala, Environmentalist and Climate Change student
Perfect work, perfect time, perfect thinking, perfect management can only save the Nature and Human kind.

Adhi Rachmat Hariyadi
Providing innovative, science-based solutions that address the environmental and natural resource management needs.

Pulendran Tharmendra; Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist
Tharmendra has been a development practitioner for the past nine years, specialising in project management and M&E. He holds post graduate qualifications in Development Economics and Urban Development.

Mr. Germain Roch MPASSI MOUMPASSI General Administator
I attended University and graduated in literature. Then I went back to University and learned administration, I mean how to manage administrative structures. To write strategies, plans, policies.

Dr. Liz Ng'ang'a
I hold a PhD in social sciences focusing on science, technology and development, an MSc in African Studies and a BA in Literature and English language.  

Dr. David Elliott
Experience in determining microbial community structure at landscape scale and in relation to land management. Knowledge of the role of soil microbes in land-atmosphere carbon flux.

D. Lucy Avilés Irahola, Agricultural Engineer with Ph.D. in Development Studies
15 years of work experience on gender mainstreaming, local development and participation in environmental and rural development projects. Experience in Latin America and, shortly, in Africa and Asia.

Pandi Zdruli, Professor of Soil and Natural Resources
Expertise in integrated analyses of land and water mng, climate change and food security. Knowledge mng, coordination, implementation, monitoring/reporting at country, regional and international level

Stephen Wagner; Pedologist, Geographer (PhD, Dr. rer. nat.)
I can provide hands-on experience on soil structure stability and soil forming processes, background in soil erosion/conservation. I am teacher for climate change, desertification and land management.

Redae Teclai Tesfai, Conservation biologist/ecologist
A long experience in the field of environmental conservation and natural forest/ woodland habitat conservation and DLDD related activities.

Assane salifou, spécialiste en Éducation relative à l'Environnement,Coordonnateur d'ONG et consultant
Nous travaillons dans la sensibilisation et la formation des populations à la protection de l,environnement à travers la mise en oeuvre des 3 conventions des N-U sur l'environnement.

Nima Bah BARRY, Economist
With an MA in Economics, I am an environmental expert with more than 15 years’ experience working at national and international levels: African Union, UNCCD and Guinean Ministry of Environment.

Cheikh Mohamed Vadhel Cheikhna
Specialist in Capacity building for CSOs; Communication, Decentralized and Participatory Approaches; fundraising for environment protection, poverty alleviation and improvement of arid and desert land.

Professor (Dr.) Kamal Narain Joshi
Professor (Dr.) Kamal Narain Joshi born on April 28 1952 in the heart of Indian Desert city called Jodhpur. During last 30 years he has extensively studied the characteristics of Indian desert

MOUNDAGA Benoît, Enseignant des Sciences de la Vie et de la Terre (SVT) des lycées d’enseignement général
Enseignant des Sciences de la Vie et de la Terre (SVT) des lycées d’enseignement général

Peter Smit, Land Restoration & Nursery Specialist
Start-up nurseries, grow trees and manage projects to restore forests, wetlands and all other degraded land to its original state and educating people about conservation and planting trees.

RUPEREZA Herménégilde, Ingénieur Agronome avec une Maîtrise en IDS
Ingénieur Agronome de formation avec une expertise en Innovations Développement et Sociétés

Stefan Kuzmanovski, Environmental, Energy and Development Issues
Recent gradute from an intrendisciplinary program in Environmental Studies B.Sc. Program at an English-speaking university in Germany.

Mohamed Arbi Abdeladhim, PhD student
I'm PhD student, and I'm working for the institute of arid region as junior researcher, I'm interested by natural resources management in arid region.

Dr Paul Galbally
Qualified industrial and environmental Chemist; Ph.D in Biosystems Engineering obtained at UCD, Republic of Ireland.   Currently employed on research into sustainable cultivation of energy crops.

Ramazan Ertugrul APAYDIN Agricultural Engineer
Desertification monitoring and assessment. NAP monitoring and evaluation.

Gorata Boikanyo, Agric Economist
Internships; Jobs in any sector; Fellowships / research; Advise and consultancy for NGOs, CSOs and others; Consultancy to Country Parties; Consultancy to support reporting process.

Md Nazmul Hasan, Soil & Environment Scientist
Soil Survey, Soil degradation, Fertilizer recommendation, Soil fertility, Trainer on the use of land and soil resources information.

Ms. Sandra Piesik
Re-use of agricultural waste:  I specialise in date palm leaf technologies and construction of building from date palms and other natural materials, particularity plants including agricultural waste.

Osero Shadrack Tengeya
I have done a Bachelor Degree in Environmental Studies (Resource Conservation), and  several MOOCs related to environmental Law and Policy, Global Warming Science and Energy Technology and Policy.

Habib S. Lamin, Climate Change & Sustainable Development
Climate change is a threat to humanity. Less developed and developing countries are most vulnerable to its adverse impacts, due to poor adaptive capacity and under-development.

Patricia Negreros-Castillo
Tropical silvicultorist, community forestry, forestry extension, forest certification.

Mr. Derrick Oderson, Legal & Environmental
Derrick Oderson is an experienced and well trained Consultant specialising in Environmental Law, Environmental Policy and Environmental Planning and Management.

Atef Kamel (Environmental consultant)
Biodiversity, climate change and environmental management consultant.

Zoher Doctor - Social Entepreneur
Social Entepreneur in the Cottage Industry. We work for the upliftment of under privileged citizens through Livelihood Projects so as to Eradicate Poverty.

Sylvanus S. P. Doe, Sustainability Consultant
Expert in building capacity of developmental and environmental NGOs. I am skilled in report analysis, creating awareness, sustainability policies and development.

Dr. N.K.Bohra
Dr. N.K.Bohra, presently working as Research officer, Jodhpur. I am holding PhD degree in Botany and have 24 years Research experience. I have more than 60 publications in different Journals.

Fahd Rasul, assistant professor Agronomy, climate change, crop modeling
Climate change mitigation specialist in Pakistan .

German Kust, Professor
Working on desertification issues since 1988, mainly in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, but have an experience also in Africa, Asia and LAC.

Kunuthur Srinivasa Reddy, Freelance Consultant (Organic Agriculture)
I am the Principal Scientist (Dryland Agriculture) retired in June 2006 from Agricultural University, Andhra Pradesh after serving for four decades. Ph.D. in Soil Science with passion for organics.

Victoria Kangombe, Public Relations Officer
I’m a great all-rounder; with skills in commercial writing, strategic communication planning and execution, and Integrated Marketing Communication.

Dr. Khaled Arafat
Plant diseases, Biologicl control, Forecasting models

Koech Vincent, Sociology and Political science student
I am a second year student at university of Nairobi, I am hardworking and got a thrust of helping the needy. I would like to work with this organization to help the unfortunate in my society.

Mr Alabi Abdullateef
Research divine intervention

Kulwant bhabra
Always connected with Social Media, like Linkedin, facebook, Twitter & Google+ profile or any other search engine by Kulwant bhabra.

Ladislaus, Emmanuel
Interested in a topic, poverty reduction in Africa.

Mr. Desalegn Terecha
Development Practictionnaier, who is qualified social anthropologist with a background in Economics.

Shhaideh Akram (PhD)
Expert in Agricultural Policy Design and Natural Resource Management mainly in Asia-Middle East/and partially in Romania.

Geetha.PN, Research Scholar (marine and estuarine benthic taxonomy and ecology)
I am interested in Marine biology, benthic ecology and taxonomy, soft coral taxonomy.

Hudson Wereh, Environmentalist
Hudson Wereh holds a masters degree in Environmental Science and a diploma in project management. He's currently working with ICIPE (African Insect Science for Food and Health)'s Biovision Farmer Communication Programme as a programme Assistant.

Abel Chemura, Spatial Modelling for Agriculture & Ecosystems
Spatial modelling for agriculture and ecosystems specialist focusing on climate change & variability, human impacts and land use change.

Marco Ruiz, Environmental Management
Climate Change, Biology, Conservation, Natural resources, mining, field work, coastal management, sustainability, biodiversity.

Lahja Kaulikufwa, Computer Scientist
I am a young lady, very energetic and I can work under pressure.

Rodrick Lyimo, climate change and environmental care
My aim is to help people across the global in providing education on the issues of climate change and environmental care at large. I take this as an important topic to discuss for environmental save.

I am a strategic planner with expertise in conceptualizing and developing new concepts, implementing them and making them successful business propositions.

Anjana Atapattu, Research Scientist
BSc. Agriculture / MSc. Agriculture

Robert Vincin, Desert reversal to soil engineer
Apply science to reverse deserts to grow soil siol-carbon food fodder detailed on Google and web

Waqas Bilal, Community Safety Instructor
I am working on a project of community Awareness raising regarding health and safety and raising the awareness of people how to cope with daily emergencies; and taking action to prevent fires in the environment.

Mr. Ahmid Alejandro Daccarett, Social entrepreneur and marketing professional
Social entrepreneur experienced and well trained in NGO management and Social Marketing, with practical experience at the United Nations, NGOs and the private sector.

Amna Yamin
Planning to change the environment by introducing awareness programs and practical solutions by involving the youth through educational practices.

Santhosh M S, Green Engineer
Energy Production from natural resourcse

Ashok kumar, Geologist and Coastal Engineer
Water Resources Specialist, Low Carbon Development and Climate Change.

Mosoti Obegi Shem
Am a Kenyan aged 28, born again Christian. I love working to ensure stability of the society and improving the status of the low gaged people in society. I hail from Kisii county, Nyanza province.

Maria Vittoria Moretti, Environmental and Food Security
Graduated at Wageningen University (NL) in Environmental Sci. specialized in Ecosystem System Analysis. I’ve been working on ecosystem services in tropical forests of Chiapas. Hard worker & passionate

Maria Vittoria Moretti, Environmental and Food Security
Graduated at Wageningen University (NL) in Environmental Sci. specialized in Ecosystem System Analysis. I’ve been working on ecosystem services in tropical forests of Chiapas. I am hard worker & passionate about the topic.

Mr Bernd Hoermann, BEng Environmental Technology, MSc Environmental Management
Over 15 years of work experience - from working for a local government, a charitable trust to a NGO. I have worked as Environmental Strategy & Sustainable Development Officer for the City of Sheffiled.

Fouad Abousamra,environmental scientist
As Former UNEP regional coordinator for UNCCD for West Asia and policy advisor on environmental issues at UNEP MAP.

Tuong Anh, Education and Research in Agriculture for Sustainble Development
Experienced researcher and advisor in for community projects.

Ali Mohamed Al Dhameri (Manager of afforestation and desrtification control departement )
22years experience in Agricultural and forestry activities with stockholders ,Communities and NGOs. Also CST Correspondent of UNCCD 2008-2012.

Dr. Ayinde Julius Olatunde
Julius Olatunde Ayinde of Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development was born in early 70s’. He served as Technical Assistant to the Supervisor of a Catholic-based NGO called Rural Development Project (RUDEP) in Osogbo.

Samuel Orecho, Environmental scientist
Experienced consultant and researcher in environmental science, climate change, water resources management. Also an academic, good at NGO management and project proposal writing.

Stefano Belluzzi, Psychologist
Cognitive Psychologist, specialized in Migration and Integration and Human rights. Job related areas are Health promotion and Green Culture.

Dr Nick Middleton, Scientific Researcher
Oxford University experienced dryland researcher on society-environment links and development, especially DLDD and climate change adaptation. Good knowledge of UNCCD processes and report writing.

Lina Zdruli, UNCCD Capacity Building Marketplace Intern
Lina is passionate about multi-sector problem-solving and developing education programs for sustainable development .

Mr. Mengistu Russom Araya, Rangeland expert
BSc in Animal Sciences, MSc. in Raneland Management, now studying Ph.D. in livestock production and mangement

Dr. Rachael Jonassen
Experienced consultant for government, commercial, and NGO clients on large and small projects in 20 countries.

Julie Mbaire
Volunteer work should come from the heart, and personally giving back to the community is very important, helping the less fortunate and making the world a better place has always been my discipline.

Rozeena Ramlall, Environmental Science Student
The achievement of sustainable development requires a holistic approach at all levels.

Theopister Mhagama; Executive director at local NGO
Volunteering work with different NGOs.

Dr Emmanuelle Quillérou
Environmental and natural resource economist.

Mohamed ISMAIL , Agro-Environmental Specialist
International consultant in sustainable development

Elvis Antwi-Baffour (Natural Resources Manager)
I'm a third year student undertaking Bachelor of Science Natural Resources Management with specialization in Silviculture and Forest Management in Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana. 

Mohamed Mira
Climate changes and safety trainer for school based programs .

Christel Kénou, Agricultural Engineer
Agricultural engineer and Program manager for NGO since two in Benin, I am involved in actions for protection of terrestrial ecosystem like reforestation and for empowerment of young climate activist.

Steve Khomba; B.Sc. Renewable Energy Engineer
A Fresh Graduate holder of BSc in Renewable Energy Technologies obtained from Mzuzu University (MALAWI) in 2014.

Kudakwashe Magwedere: Livestock specialist
Specialties and Interests: Livestock health policy; Food regulatory affairs; Food Safety Systems Management &Risk analysis; Auditing & Food Quality assurance in Agri value chains.

Ahmadou DIA, Land Use Planner
Expert in land studies, land policy, land administration, land resource survey by using GIS/Remote sensing.

Emanuel Kivuyo, Wildlife and natural resources scientist
I am a Tanzanian 32 years of age. Holder of BSc. in Wildlife science and Conservation from the University of Dar es Salaam on May 2008 and currently MSc. Student at the Open University of Tanzania.

Dr. Ahmed Imam
Dr. Ahmed Imam is undertaking a research to find suitable insect indicator or indicator assemblages for monitoring the changes in biodiversity in desertifying agro-ecosystem compared to cases under the balanced ecosystem.

Dr. Federico Togni
I am specialist on sustainable land management, environmental restore and programs of poverty reduction

Saeb A. Khresat: Professor of Soil Science and Land use
Sustainable Land Management expert, Climate change and Land degradation expert.

Gerald Ludovick Mlyomi, geography and environmental studies
I am training in environmental conservation, research and project implementation.

Grace Muriuki (populations and resources researcher)
Expert researcher, community development, Africa, Australia, GIS, land use, water, energy, migration, sustainability.

Johnson Chishimba, Student
Environmental cleanliness is the real environmental quality.....

Sarbjeet Singh, Research Scholar
Sarbjeet Singh, Research scholar, Department of Anthropology,Chandigarh-160014.

Walter A.K.Akaba, Fisheries, Aquatic Science, Bio-Economy and Natural Resources Management
Graduate student looking for an internship, a volunteer position or experience.

Getaneh Haile Shoddo, Phd student in enviroemetal management
I want to help developing country in training, consultation and research work in relation with environment.

Mohammed Syedul Islam, Assistant Professor
Searching for admission and Fund for PhD in Environmental/Climate economics.

Dr. Safy Eldin Mahdy
Egypt- developing country- Food and Mouth Disease- Vaccine Researches- Veterinary Field.

Manjunatha Munishamappa
Being trained at an active and intensive university environment, with the frequent researches, reports and presentations worked in group or individual, my soft skills are significantly improved.

Mr. Habib HELLALI 
Watershed management Engineer/Forester with 12 years professional experience in community engagement in the local development process.  deputy director on International cooperation and climate change.

Carolina Collaro, Architect
Architect M.Sc student in Global Change Ecology at Bayreuth University,Germany.Mayor expertises:sustainable development and education, ecosystem services planning and land restoration climate change

Mr. Samuel Yemane Ayele
I am from Addis Ababa Ethiopia. Currently a MSc Student at University of Bonn I am looking for any kind of Involvement Volunteer work or Short term employment, projects dealing with Climate Change.

Juriste: International Disputes, International Relations, International Law, the Law of the Sea, Environmental Law

Hiu Yan Lam, Young Scholar
Second year student of Environmental Sciences student at UEA, UK.

Mariana Casas, Architect
Sustainable construction, eco tourism, eco design.

Daniel Kwame Debrah, forester/ research assisstant
Experienced forester with technical knowledge in forest assessment, forest biodiversity conservation strategies and awareness creation, plantation development and social forestry issues.

Jaff Francis A, Local community Natural resources Consultant
Promote community Bee keeping, gardening, watershed protection, tree and plantain nursery establishment, micro project proposal writing and capacity building on leadership, group dynamics.

Meghan Stuthridge, Adviser
Development, climate change and humanitarian adviser.

Sadhana Debi-Tewarie
Environment and Agriculture related areas. Availability: 2015.

Mr. Ibrahim Hussein Mkwiru
With my experience in biodiversity, climate change, drought and water conservation I am offering my skills to work as a researcher in a team, consultant or project leader

Jean Ernest Mballa Bimi, Expert agro-Forestier
très disponible, bonne qualité relationnelle, actuellement à la quête d'un emploi 

Samson Omondi, Conservation Scientist
I am a skilled conservation scientist with an in-depth understanding and training in virtually every facet of natural resource conservation and management, majorly wildlife.

Hina Aslam
Ecosystem based adaptations, Environmental management, environmental impact assessment, Green technologies, environmental reporting.

Wafa Essahli, Engineer
Information for decision making processes on mainstreaming environmental issues in development programs and strategies.

Tonthoza Uganja, Forester
Accomplished forester and advocate of sustainable environmental management and community development, Specialist in improved community and participatory forestry management.

Tafadzwa Chikanha; Graduate of Land and Water Resource Management
I completed an Honors degree in Land and Water Resource Management. As part of my skills set, I have one year experience as an intern at Zimbabwe Sugar Association Experiment Station.

Raed Elferjani, PhD
I have a double expertise in agriculture sciences and sylviculture. I hold a bachelor degree and a Master degree in agricultural sciences and a PhD in environmental sciences (short rotation forestry).

Sarah Rieseberg, energy policy/ climate change mitigation expert
Six years of work experience as an energy policy researcher in the field of the German Energy Transition, including projects relating to renewable energy technologies, market and regulatory mechanisms.

Aurosree Biswas, Energy and Climate Change Mitigation Specialist
Renewable Energy and Climate Change Mitigation Expert

Andre Barros, Master Degree in Environment and Development, MBA in Environmental Management
Looking for opportunities of jobs, courses and project funding.

Dr.Vithal Karoshi, Senior Agriculturist/Forester
Senior professional in Agriculture/forestry with Asian and African experience.

Dr. Renata Thiebaut, Researcher
Renewable Energy Regulations in Emerging Countries are a growing field, but much can still be done to incentive international cooperation.

Naeke Mougombe Sixtus Etutu, Environmental Lawyer
I am an environmental lawyer with over 3 years of experience both in the academia and international organizations. My areas of consultancy experience is in land degradation, water law, climate change, food security and conflict management

Farai Mudavanhu, Phd rural development candidate
I am a gifted researcher in rural sustainable livelihoods

I  am a trained professional and worked in various field from IT, NGO business development and the core biotechnological enterprises.

Michelle Sabillon, Agricultural Engineer
Knowledge of renewable energy power plants, sustainable agriculture, establishing new businesses, reduction of poverty.

Mr shadrack kwaku Debrah (Agriculture technologist)
I am shadrack kwaku Debrah and currently persuing a Master of philosophy programme in Entomolgy

Ndelitungapo Nghinamundova, Student
I'm highly interested in community work and participation towards eradication of poverty and self reliance on food production, food safety and nutrition. 

Mr Abdoulaye FATY
Experience in environmental Management (French)

Mulugeta Alemu, Botanist
I am very interested to do researches in related to my profession and poverty reduction.

DR. Deepak M. Kasote
Chemical standardization of herbs and food products and development of functional food products.

Emmanunel Menegbo, GIS Consultants
GIS Consultants, mapping, GPS surveys, and environmental research  data acquisition.

Hemant Nitturkar
Agri-business promotion, youth and women empowerment, private sector development, inclusive, market oriented development.

Currently writing my thesis in the field of Aquaculture and also had prior training and an internship in that field especially working with tilapia and catfish. Studying Sustainable international agriculture.

Paul Bagenze, Spatial analyst & research scientist
Dedicated and creative professional with extensive project experience from concept to development.

Dr. Ajith P, Marketing Specilist
Dr. Ajith is a practitioner turned academic with deep interest in marketing domain especially marketing in emerging markets, rural marketing and BoP marketing.

Dr. Nicollete Mhlanga-Ndlovu - Environmental Scientist
A speicliast in the field of water and climate chnage policy, capacity building, project managemnt, environmental impact assessment

Frank Akampa (Mr)
I possess 8 years of professional experience in natural resource management, GIS & climate change.

Dr Shweta Singh
To utilize my experience, skills and qualification for the conservation of nature, biodiversity and the environment and welfare of the coming generation through and motivation awareness program.

Rhoda Fasan, Statistician/Social Protection Professional
I am an innovative, self-motivated individual with interest in growth & development and background in economics, statistics, business management, social protection finance, food security and research.


Maurice Kwame Amooh, Sustainable Agriculture Expert
I have been building the capacity of cocoa farmers for sustainable cocoa production and climate-smart Agriculture in Ghana. I have travelled to all the cocoa producing communities in Ghana.

Flavio Gazzani, Environmental Economist
More than 15 years consultant experiences as working in the energy sector, both in Australia and Europe, particularly in the following areas: sustainable energy policy and programs.

Mutukwa Musole, GIS and Remote Sensing Specialist
GIS and remote sensing professional with specific focus on applications in environment and natural resource management.

Prof. P.C. Abhilash
Prof. Abhilash research interest lies on land degradation and restoration. Specifically, he is interested in the remediation and management of contaminated & degraded and lands for multipurpose benefits.

Veronika Gregusova, B.A. International Relations and Environmental Studies
IR Student Searching for a Volunteer Experience in Autumn 2015.

Fernando Guzman Lopez Biologist
Environmental education on ecosystems services and biodiversity. Experience in business management and medicinal plant cultivation. Creative and capable for communication with diverse audiences.

Mr Javier G. Soria
Land and water resources, wetlands, water supply and sanitation, environmental sociology.

Dr. Krishnan Umachandran, Engineer / Sustainability / Management
Corporate, Consulting, Academic (CCA) Quest to expand boundaries using Human Potential, 28 years of experience. Commenced as a Shop floor Engineer and worked in various organizations.

Rudo Matsheza, Climate Change and International Development Graduate
Climate change governance, climate finance and international development.


Mohamed Semdoe
International volunteer.

Amira ASKRI, Environmental science PhD and Agricultural engineer
Scientist : Environmental science PhD and Agricultural engineer

Mr. Emmanuel Aziiba
Ambitious to changing the lives of many poor and vulnerable people.

Kyatuhaire Immaculate, a meteorologist
An organized and efficient individual with a high level of written and verbal communication skills I am time conscious and I can thrive in deadline driven environments.

Mozharul Islam, Environmental Sociologist
I would like to join COP21 Paris and need financial assistance to cover my expenses since I am full time Ph.D. student.

Dr Patil Parashram, Social Scientist
I am young social scientist.

NJIGO Christian, master's degree in Climate change, Biodiversity and green economy
I'm a student of master's degree in climate change, biodiversity and green economy in Dschang University.

Salome Nozadze , Ecology
Environmental education

Tsoala kuete herve geographer student
I'm a student in geography. I'm doing master degree in this present. I like to work in group with others. I like to do what can helps others. I'm sure I can do more even if i work with an organism.

Ernest Chidozie Iheanyi
I am Ernest Chidozie from Nigeria. I hold a B.Agric in Soil Science, M.Sc in soil survey (Wetlands) and Phd in view in pedology (paleopedology and climate change). I am  currently a book reviewer.

Nadya Mileva, Sustaonable Development Specialist
I am recent Master graduate in Environment and Resource Management with experience as a project coordinator and business developer. I posses strong interest in the area of sustainable development.

Dr. Mphumuzi Sukati
Agricultural Economist and Climate Change Expert.

Mr Adetoro David Oluwaseyi
Knowledgeable man, easy to work under little or no supervision and always want to learn new things. Also innovative.

Dr Wokocha Chima Soil scientis,Land use management and survey/GIS
hello I am Dr Wokocha Chima Chibuike, I am a soil scientist as well as land use manager. I can intergrade my data with GIS and remote sensing techniques.

Faith Tsitsi Gwaze, environmentalist
I am a very hard working and mature young lady who can work under minimum supervision with an aim of sustainable development.

Dr. Angel Rios, Professor of Environmental Science
I have been a professor of Environmental Science and Conservation for the last 25 years working with sustainable development, water quality and soil science.

Nazimul Islam, Student
I am a student and Pursuing M.Sc. In Geography.

Kenan Aydinoglu, MSc Agricultural Engineer
Agricultural & Rural Development & Food Security & Emergency Projects

Ms Johanna Ithindi
Claim today's opportunity, the REWARD is yours to CLAIM 

Ameneh Sobhani, Arid-zone management Expert
I have a good experience in risk of desertification and land-use management.

Mr Sibusiso Emanuel Nomnqa, Agricultural Economist
I hold an Agricultural Economics (Honours) degree. I am currently pursuing an Agricultural Economics (Masters) degree, at the University of Fort Hare.

Arvind Bhatt, PhD
Seed Biologist, Desert plants, Halophyte, Biodiversity

Jean Baptiste RWANIKA, Agricultural Engineer, Soil Scientist & Environmental Management Specialist
Professional whose expertise includes Environmental Management and Sustainable Agriculture, Soil Science and Climate Change.

Getachew Simie, communication and publication officer
 I am someone with excellent skills in journalism, writing, media capacity building and training, communications and public relations.

Nazotin Patrick Davy, Research Assistant
I am well placed for Evolution, monitoring and reporting projects combined with excellent research skills with little or no supervision required.

Gabriela Gutierrez, Social Policy and gender
Social Policy, English-Spanish, Gender issues, Women Empowerment

Ntowen Manfred Mboda, Climate Change Science
Final year MSc in Earth System Science with interest in Climate Change.

Giuseppe Marfoli, Water engineer
Senior Environmental, renewable energy & climate change consultant

Mohammad Wasim Iqbal, PhD Scholar in Water Engineering and Management
My research interests cover a number of focal areas related to climate change, and land and water resource assessment and management . My future research will focus on the climate change-related issue

Erick Foward, Agroforestry and Rural Developer
Skilled on a wide range of sustainable agriculture techniques, environmental conservation, capacity building, livelihood improvement, handling Women/Youth/Farmer groups and financial empowerment

SAMUEL AWATEY, Development Policy Practitioner, and M&E Specialist
Samuel Awatey is a Development Policy Practitioner, and M&E Specialist with  numerous contributions to development research and practices in the areas of climate change and international development.

Yolande L. Motinga, former Administrative Assistant to UNCCD COP11 in Namibia
I worked with the UNCCD 11th Conference of the Parties in Namibia as the Administrative Assistant and worked on a few projects under this theme.

Mr William Gichohi
Environmentalist/ Forestry  expert in project management

Dr. M. Anwar Hossen
Water Governance, Basin Community Livelihoods, natural disasters, Agriculture, South Asia

ADEBAYO GABRIEL, pasture and range manager, animal scientist
Gabriel a graduate of pasture and rage management is interested in working in a farm to increase food supply qand also help in a little way to make food available for all

Engineer (Expert) MUTUYEYEZU Alphonse
I am multilingual with MSc in Forestry & Land Management (+Wildlife management), PG Certificate in Climate Change & Biodiversity Conservation & BSc in Forestry Science.

Elvis Acheampong, Geologist, Management of Resources and Environment student (MBA)
A hardworking geologist and a promising manager of resources and environment

I have done my masters in Disaster Management and Have acquired 1year of work experience in India. Currently I am living in Germany and struggling hard to start my career here in Deutschland.

Rajendra Prasad Pandey, Scientist
Drought Monitoring and mitigation in Asia region 

Juliana Albertengo, Agricultural Engineer
Conservation agriculture consultant. Experience in certification schemes. On farm experience. Project evaluation expertise.

Miss Kudzai Mashanda
Master's in Environmental Policy and Planning graduate searching for a PHD  research in either, geospatial technology, climate change, biodiversity or disaster risk management.

Ugranath Chakarvarty, Mechanical Engineer/Renewable Energy Expert
Global Citizen and Mechanical Engineer with dedicated leadership in energy, resource efficiency and sustainable development.

Dominic Njue, Bsc in Geography and Natural Resources Managment Graduate
A recent graduate with interest in natural resources management and GIS

Being trained at an active and intensive university environment, with the frequent researches, reports and presentations worked in group or individual, my soft skills are significantly improved.

Mr E.D.Steven Lahai
A  media practitioner with 17 years experience. Teacher and writer (English Language Literature). I also develop and design community development projects.

Victor Esendi, Research and Climate Change Consultant
Consultant specializing in research, climate change adaptation and agriculture with wide experience in Africa.

Mitchell Oketch, Hydrologist
Hardworking individual who is determined and demonstrates good work ethics, and a team player.

Dr. Vendrapati Srinivasa Rao, State Project Coordinator, UNEP-GEF-ABS Project
I have completed my post graduate degree and doctoral degree in Botany with specialization on climate change and carbon sequestration, study entitled “CARBON SEQUESTRATION POTENTIAL OF TROPICAL DECIDU.

Sidra Ijaz Khan
Avid Environmentalist specializing in forestery

Sohaib Azhar, PhD Scholar
I am PhD scholar, studying GIS and Remote Sensing 

Peter Ng'ang'a, Aquatic and Wetland ecologist
My interest in natural science from a young age and my three years of affiliation with the Kenya Wetlands Biodiversity Research Team (KENWEB) has enabled me to appreciate and develop great interest

Jorge Alvar Beltrán
MSc Sustainability and Climate Change (University of Leeds)/ BSc Geography and Land Management (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Université de Montréal)

Caroline Ruto, Dryland Agriculturalist
I have studied B.Sc Dryland Agriculture and Enterprise Development in Kenyatta University.

Eduardo M. Bisquera Jr., Ph.D.
Experienced biodiversity specialist in national and local environmental governance.

Marieke Vos
MSc Organic Agriculture, International Water Management with a thesis on vitalised water. With nine years of experience in consultancy, policy making and investigative green journalism.

Mr. Léonidas Ndereyimana, Masters Degree in Development Studies, Assistant Lecturer and Translator Interpreter
Mr. Léonidas Ndereyimana is postgraduate Researcher, Assistant Lecturer and Translator Interpreter. He has extensive experience in professional training, management, volunteerism and consultancy.

Mr. Pradeep Mahapatra, Community Resilience Expert
Development Catalyst of 28 years  experience in managing human ,  environmental & development initiatives  on Community Resilience.

Dr Ngira Amos
Experienced researcher in climate change effects on education access in rural Kenya.

Charl de Villiers, environmental assessment practitioner
EIA practitioner seeking challenging work/research prospects in biodiversity mainstreaming and agro-ecosystem governance

Shan Berg Liew, LLM Graduate (Distinction)
LLM Graduate (Distinction) with experience in social work and legal profession now seeking to enter careers focusing on environmental law, climate change and human rights.

Darsana P
Water resource engineer (Fresher) looking for an opportunity to  contribute towards the climate drought and water related issues.

Mrinila Singh, Agricultural Economist
My doctoral dissertation was titled “Environmental and Economic Aspects of Organic Farming Compared to Conventional Farming in Chitwan District of Nepal”.

Bala Ibrahim Kyauta, Forester, Administrator, Trainer, Development Professional
I am really available if the opportunity suitable and motivating and can start in the next 60 days.

Desalegn Chemeda, Water Resources Engineer
Water resources management; Drought analysis and monitoring; Hydrology; Irrigation

Tasiyiwa Priscilla Madhibha, Forester
MY RESEARCH INTERESTS:  I am interested in GIS and Remote Sensing and how it can be used to study and solve natural resources problems. In particular, how Remote Sensing techniques such as LiDAR can be

Mr. Kolawole Idowu Oladeji
Economist, Trainer, Researcher, Lecturer.

Ecologist, Environmental Specialist
Environmental protection and natural resource management

Mr. Dennis Ekwere
I work on local content information management filtered from the grassroots. 

Cordula Ott, Social Anthropologist
My ideas on coherent approaches in global development and research approaches are rooted in over 20 years of work-experience in advice and practice on environment and development issues.

Mr. Bismark Dzineku
I like to take initiative rather than waiting for an opportunity to show itself.

Syed Kazmi, Project Director
My twenty five years of progressively responsible experience encompass technical management under different portfolios in the field of water and sewerage. 

Ben Mwangi, Environmental scientist
Geo and environmental enthusiast .

Claus Brehm, Forester
Forester with a MSc in Forest Ecosystem Science and a strong commitment with forests and people

Yogendra K Meena, Olericulturist
To achieve global food security there is a need of effective usage of natural resources, including soil, nutrients and water that can maintain and improve production of vegetable crops.

Marijana Kapovic Solomun, PhD of Forest soils
Marijana Kapovic Solomun, Forest soil expert

To'la Zulu, Water Engineering Technician
Engineering technician with an impressive blend of technical expertise. Committed to providing quality and consistent technical support

Mr. Kouadio Kouakou Pascal, English and French Language Instructor
Mr. Kouadio Kouakou Pascal, English and French language instructor and translation services    

Julia Josten, BA International Business Studies
Student looking for an internship or volunteer job.

Gemeda Terfassa Fida
I have done BSc in General forestry at Hawassa University Wondo Genet College of Forestry & Natural Resources in Ethiopia.  I have always dreamed about studying abroad to gain wider scope of knowledge.

Mohammad Haneef Khan, Agricultural Microbial ecologist
Plant-microbe interaction, associated ecosystem services, Aricultural microbiology, Microbial ecology, diversity, evolution and meta-genomics

Tana Lala-Pritchard, Communications Program Coordinator
Global Communications Program Coordinator

Karma Dema Dorji (Mrs)
Over 20 years of experiences working for Soil and Land Management Services and good experience in managing  Projects and Programmes of soil and land management. 

Mr Gabou Mohamadou Habibou
Land degradation and restoration specialist

Giulia Tufano, Economy or Nutrition
Giulia Tufano, Rome, Italy. Willing to travel globally for employment in the UN or an NGO.

Rajendra Uprety, Agriculturist
Experienced professional of agriculture, irrigation management and rural livelihood development. 

Dr. Dhanya, Climate change adaptation and Agroclimatologist
I am a Geographer by training and climate change trainer Agro climatologist by choice. I completed my Doctorate in Climate change modeling impact assessments in crop productivity from Centre for Clim.

Dr. P K Das, Soil Scientist
Soil survey, soil collection, soil testing and recommendation; Recycling of Organic matter- low cost composting and vermicomposting;.

Brief Resume
Am a Development Catalyst with 28 years of experience in managing human relationships, environmental and development initiatives especially on Community Resilience, have  exposed to local Int Organizations

Arpine Jenderedjian, Environmental manager
I have 10 years’ experience  working with cutting edge environmental management, sustainability, and regional development.

Reagan Okoth Ariw - Horticulturist
Reagan Okoth Ariw seeking for internship

Uchendu Chigbu, Land management & land tenure specialist
I am a land management and land tenure specialist focused on designing land management and land tenure tools for addressing societal challenges

Marcia Sanhokwe, Animal Scientist
Holder of MSc degree in Animal Science. A proactive and self-motivated individual, quick to learn and adhere to set principles and objectives, ability to think outside the box .

Bahati Eliba, Biologist
Six year work experience in a variety of conservation services with  a new approach "Community conservation" by protecting gorilla, okapia and others mamals around the  landscape Maiko/Rd Congo.

Temitope Dauda, Forestry Researcher
A young female forestry researcher who is hungry for knowledge and capacity strengthening in Biodiversity conservation, Sustainable Forest Management, Landscape management, Tree outside forestry.

Hemu Kafle, Senior Scientific Officer
Drought assessment and its impact on agriculture, Surafce Energy Balance using satellite datasets

Emmanuel Opolot (PhD - 27/05/2016)
Innovative, hardworking and resul-oriented. A team worker and always open to learn and share new techniques and knowledge

Eunseon Jang, Groundwater contaminant simulation
Groundwater contaminants fate and transport processes by numerical simulation

Leonorah Auma Wasike, Environmental Science Student
Water is life, therefore sustainable water management practices should be put in place.

Miss Jennifer Roy
Zoology graduate with 3 years experience in environmental education and nature conservation

Joab Wamari Agro-climatologist
Installation & maintenance of agro-meteorological equipment, networking M&E climate change in agiculture in developing countries.

Valerie Gibson
I am in my last few months of a Master of Science degree in food systems and urban health in China and am seeking career opportunities in food security or urban health.

Ashish Mane, Environmental Science
Environmenal Science and Research Areas 

Orodriyo Harriet, Forester
Orodriyo Harriet, aged 26 years old, a Ugandan hand-working lady with focus and determination.

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