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Organizations accepting donations

Royal Botanic Garden of Jordan

About the organization
"The mission of the Royal Botanic Garden (RBG) is to ensure a dignified, sustainable life for all Jordanians through biodiversity conservation and habitat rehabilitation at the whole-systems level.
The RBG is actively engaged in rehabilitating and managing the land in order to restore optimal functioning to ecosystems degraded by overgrazing, overuse or inappropriate use, and unprecedented population growth. Since native plants are the foundation of a healthy ecosystem, they are the primary focus of our work.
The RBG’s Community-Based Rangeland Rehabilitation programme specifically addresses overgrazing, by teaching alternative grazing techniques and flock management to local community members. As a result, biomass is on the rise and former dry scrub is being rehabilitated in targeted areas.
As an NGO founded in 2005, the Royal Botanic Garden also works closely with the government to implement many sections of the national Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan, and the Convention on Biological Diversity.
Through its research, demonstrations and practical programmes, the RBG is making a difference for the country and the region."
  • Organization’s website:
  • Contact person:  Tariq Abu Taleb, Executive Director Royal Botanic Garden, Tell Ar-Rumman, Jordan
Project for which donations are sought
"Jordan is lucky to have more than 2,500 native plant species.  However, the richness of Jordan’s biodiversity is rapidly degrading. A loss of plant diversity, soil degradation and desertification are exacerbating environmental problems. Many of Jordan’s plant species are now under threat of extinction. Without plants, there is no life. If we are to survive, we must adopt new approaches to conserve biodiversity and sustain the land. The key is to find, demonstrate and implement replicable solutions to plant loss, water scarcity and food insecurity.
In response to these monumental challenges of our times – and to generate hope for the future – the RBG is focusing on research and integrated solutions for arid-land ecosystems and sustainable livelihoods."
"All of the RBG’s work supports Sustainable Land Management and is mitigating the effects of degradation in the community. We will play a major role in restoring the land by sharing and applying our research into local ecosystems, and by making suitable native plants available to the public.
Our Community-Based Rangeland Rehabilitation program is helping to overcome poverty among local herders, by teaching them skills that allow them to earn more money while at the same time helping to rehabilitate arid lands."
For more info please visit the project website.
Project implementation and evaluation
"The RBG’s success can be evaluated in many ways:
  • Number of native plant seeds and cuttings collected
  • Number of native plants successfully propagated in our plant nursery
  • Measurement of the increase of biomass in project areas
  • Number of people participating in our Community-Based Rangeland
  • Rehabilitation programme (currently 42 families)
  • Reporting on the increase in incomes within the local community
  • Number of people made aware of the issues through websites, social media and educative exhibits
  • Distribution of the Red List of Threatened Plants in Jordan, prepared by the RBG – Volume One to be published in early 2014
  • Number of scientific articles published
  • Number of displays and demonstrations of replicable methods to protect and rehabilitate the land
  • Exhibition and research buildings built using eco-friendly techniques
  • Etc.
Donors will be kept informed of our progress through newsletters, and are welcome to visit us at any time."
Donations and crowdfunding opportunities
"The Royal Botanic Garden is pleased to accept donations of funds or in-kind support. We appreciate your contribution, and applaud you for taking action! You can be sure that your donation will be put to good use in sustainable projects that protect and rehabilitate the land."
"If you would like to help the Royal Botanic Garden in a specific area of interest, we’d love to hear from you!  You can contact us through our website."
Information regarding projects seeking donations is provided by the secretariat as a service to individuals and organizations supporting the efficacious implementation of the UNCCD. The secretariat (the Capacity Building Marketplace) is not involved in setting up the project, handling the donations or keeping track of and providing updates on the progress of the projects.

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