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These pages may contain links and references to third-party web-sites. The UNCCD secretariat provides these links only as a convenient service. The inclusion of a link or reference does not imply the endorsement of the linked site by the UNCCD secretariat.

Organizations accepting donations

Permaculture Research Institute Kenya

About the organization

"PRI-Kenya is a Research Institute dedicated to the promotion of permaculture and traditional knowledge systems for efficient and ecologically sound management of food, water and energy systems and climate change adaptation. PRI-Kenya is engaged in action research projects which take an integrated approach to addressing food security, environmental degradation, climate change and livelihood security.
Our projects in Rusinga, Laikipia and Makueni focus on the development of a model for food and nutritional security and livelihood security using permaculture, FMNR and training on organic certification and support on access to the emergent organic and health food markets."

  • Organization’s website:
  • Contact person:  Elin Duby, Director, ICRAF Office, Milimane, Kisumu or P.O. Box 21341 - 00505 Nairobi

Project for which donations are sought

"Our current fundraising campaign aims to support our pilot project ‘Regenerating Rusinga Island’ to continue into its second phase. In the pilot phase we have trained a group of small holder farmers in permaculture. As a result of the training they decided to set up Rusinga Island Organic Farmers Association (RIOFA). RIOFA has received some basic training in permaculture and support in setting up their association. We now want to support them with further training in permaculture and organic certification, helping them with their dream to become model farmers and peer educators for their community and become a strong and effective Association, organic certified through the Participatory Guarantee Scheme. Our aim is to help them identify local markets as well as helping them identify crops to grow for the international, organic cosmetics market."

"There is an amazing sense of excitement in the community about the project and RIOFA members have already improved their farms and their production and are able to feed their families plus producing surplus. But we want to go further! Their dream is to become Organic Certified farmers and see their communities and environment regenerated. The money raised in this campaign will go towards supporting this aim in the next year. This is a truly community owned project with an amazing potential for provide real and long lasting change and if successful, to be rolled out in the region."

For more information, see the project website.

Project implementation and evaluation

"The working guidelines for the M&E strategy are based upon consultations with RIOFA and the local project coordinator, aiming to be as participatory as possible. The M&E strategy is aimed at providing a continuous feedback loop ensuring that project activities and field activities are on track and that suitable adaptations can be made.
The following are the key components of the M&E strategy: Participatory Approach; Capacity Building of Beneficiaries in data collection aiming to improve their management and negotiation capacities in the long term; Project Management and Support; Qualitative, Quantiative and Holistic data collection; Flexible and Multiple Tecniques including farm record keeping, interviews, focus groups, evaluation meetings for sharing best practices and discuss challenges and surveys and Multiple Sources of Information."


"Regular data collection, evaluation meetings and documentation as part of the project will provide a good base for solid reporting back to donors.
Those who contribute to the crowdfunding campaign will receive regular updates on the project."

Donations and crowdfunding opportunities

"We have received 20 % of needed funds from LUSH Cosmetics (SLUSH fund), we hope to raise another 50% from Rotary and the remained from our crowd funding campaign.  Funds will be used to support the second phase of our Regenerating Rusinga project: providing water harvesting infrastructure for RIOFA farmers and capacity building workshops in permaculture and organic certification and support for RIOFA to set their farms up as model farmers and become peer educators. 

Donations for this campaign are accepted through Indie Go Go Crowdfunding platform.  It is also possible to donate via Pay Pal through the website or direct bank transfer. "


"We are excited about this project because there is a real sense of community ownership. People in the community are expressing that they feel this project is different from other aid programmes in its approach and we believe that to be true. The project has taken a holistic and integrated approach looking at the social, environmental and economic as integrated and interdependent. Our project coordinators are local and have an in depth understanding of the communities and the local culture. Our approach to knowledge has been bottom up and has fostered a real sense of trust amongst community members."
Information regarding projects seeking donations is provided by the secretariat as a service to individuals and organizations supporting the efficacious implementation of the UNCCD. The secretariat (the Capacity Building Marketplace) is not involved in setting up the project, handling the donations or keeping track of and providing updates on the progress of the projects.



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