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Organizations accepting donations

Young Achievers Empowerment Project Namibia

About the organization

"The objectives of Young Achievers are:

To provide young people with a vision or a sense of mission in life.
To inspire and motivate young people to become responsible citizens, both locally, regionally and globally.
To support young people in their personal growth in positive directions.
The aims of forming this group are:
To strive that 100% of the youth that go through the programme make it to the university.
To involve communities and the country in the betterment of Namibian youth.
To involve young people in the design, implementation and deliverance of programs and services.
To create youth clubs around the city and offer safe, diverse, culturally enriching and intellectually stimulating after school activities.

Our program is dedicated to the task of increasing the academic achievement, as well decolonizing the minds of Namibian youth by developing their mental, social, artistic and life skills. Our motto is: Education, Self-reliance and Development."

"We meet on a weekly basis (Saturdays 13-16h00) at the Windhoek  Multi Purpose Youth Resource Center  on Leonard Auala Street (on the premises of the Independence Arena) in Katutura, Windhoek .
Our efforts reflect a learner-centered approach and all activities are designed to directly and indirectly enhance the youth with information, social skills and empowered self-esteem.

We are made up of concerned citizens who rely on the intellectual contributions from positive-minded members of our society.
The Eloolo branch is located in Oshana region, which has a small piece of land that was bought from the headman, as part of the income generating project for the organization the youths have started a small gardening project."

Project for which donations are sought

"The majority of Namibians depend on rain fed subsistence agriculture, farming pearl millet, sorghum and maize. Rain fed crop production is limited to higher rainfall areas in the northern and north east parts of Namibia and this make the agricultural sector vulnerable to climate change. Changes in rainfall and increase in evaporation reducing moisture and thereby crop production. In addition to these, extreme climatic events like droughts and floods have a devastating impact on both livestock and crop production. In order to mitigate the impact of climate change and promote sustainable land use, our project seeks funding to practice conservation agriculture and contribute towards food security. "

"The Young Achievers branch in the northern region of the country currently has a gardening project but lack technological adaptation tools that will provide a favorable growing condition for our plants. This year alone, Namibia has enjoyed one of the worst droughts ever recorded in history that caused hunger and the dying of animals. Under this motive, our projects aims to answer to the call of food security in inevitable climatic conditions and at the same time inspire the young people to start up initiatives of such nature."

Project implementation and evaluation

"The project coordinator will constantly monitor the progress as per month of the project. The coordinator will engage all stake holders involved in the project for their input and contribution. Once the whole project has been implemented, a final report with details of challenges and successes of the project will be documented and presented to donors and all other relevant stake holders. A monthly progress report shall be compiled and submitted to the respective donors. In this regard, there will also be a dialogue with the donors whereby they are allowed to communicate back and forth with the running of the progress."

Donations and crowdfunding opportunities

"Via crowd funding and writing proposals to both local and international donors. All collected funds shall be banked and will strictly be utilized for the sole purpose of the project only. Funds will be used to purchase gardening equipment.


  • N$ 25000 for fencing
  • N$ 12000 for water tanks
  • N$ 36000 for Drip irrigation pipes
  • N$ 5000 for Shade nets
  • N$ 26000 for labour"
"We would like to thank all possible funders who will make this project a success."
Information regarding projects seeking donations is provided by the secretariat as a service to individuals and organizations supporting the efficacious implementation of the UNCCD. The secretariat (the Capacity Building Marketplace) is not involved in setting up the project, handling the donations or keeping track of and providing updates on the progress of the projects.






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