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These pages may contain links and references to third-party web-sites. The UNCCD secretariat provides these links only as a convenient service. The inclusion of a link or reference does not imply the endorsement of the linked site by the UNCCD secretariat.

Organizations accepting donations

Hope Link Development Project, Kenya

About the organization

“Hope link is integrated orphanage. We provide early childhood education and focus on the provision of satisfactory basic needs and create awareness in the community on needs and socioeconomic daily challenges facing the society, through networking and formation of long lasting partnerships. 

The organization was established in 2007 as grass root community based organization that works to empower the community members; however, our priorities areas are on education, health and food security for a sustainable development.

Our goal is to reduce poverty, disease control, creation of employment and knowledge dissemination, through capacity building on environmental, social and economic issues.”

  • Contact person: David Orato, Project Coordinator – Mbita, Kenya

Project for which donations are sought

“Hope Link intends to organize the community towards the implementation of organic agriculture systems that can benefit them through recycling and new sustainable farming techniques.

With this program we aim to improve the life conditions of the people in Rusinga Island, Kenya, using organic farming methods. We also intend to start a pilot project for researchers in the field of organic farming. We encourage different individuals from all corners of the world to come and learn from us and also to give skills on the same.

We want to empower the community to produce enough food with the use of little resource in production. Our main objectives are:

- To use local resource to yield impact in farming,
- To implement new organic technique for the benefit of the community,
- To welcome volunteers to learn and share experiences during their stay,
- To introduce natural medicine for control of pest and other disease like malaria,
- To work with other partners on organic development,
- To use organic farming as an approach towards environmental conservation and sustainable land management,
- To use organic agriculture as training tool for community development.”

For more information, see the project website.

Project implementation and evaluation

“We shall use SITE standard indicator tool for evaluation through use of structured questions to the community. We shall write reports on timely basis to our donors and also documentation on our website”.

hopelink project.jpg

Donations and crowdfunding opportunities

“Our funds can be collected in quarterly basis by willing friends, donors and supporters. We shall have a planning meeting with the management team and give priority to immediate action plans.

We accept donations through electronic transfers or any form that might support our community, being material, skills or other.”

Information regarding projects seeking donations is provided by the secretariat as a service to individuals and organizations supporting the efficacious implementation of the UNCCD. The secretariat (the Capacity Building Marketplace) is not involved in setting up the project, handling the donations or keeping track of and providing updates on the progress of the projects.






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