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Land Day 5

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Land Day 5, on the theme, Achieving zero-net land degradation: impacts on climate change, was held on Tuesday, 6 December, at the Rio Conventions Pavilion, in Durban, South Africa. The event, which was attended by nearly 200 participants, was co-hosted by the Department of Environmental Affairs of South Africa, the UNCCD secretariat and World Agroforestry Center. The event was part of the South African Climate Change Expo.

    * Opening Ceremony
    * Panel session 1: How the world can curb carbon emission by setting a sustainable development goal on land and a zero-net land degradation as target
    * Panel session 2: How will land degradation neutrality impact climate change issues such as adaptation, mitigation and resilience building?
    * Panel session 3: Potential contribution of "zero net land degradation target" in driving the synergy agenda at all levels: best practices and successful case studies
    * Summary and Conclusion
    * Dinner and Reception


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