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Application Tips

​Get to the point  
While many projects have broad development impacts, we are looking for applications that focus on sustainable land management and restoring degraded land.

A good picture is worth a thousand words
A photo helps the jury understand the people behind the project.  A before and after shot can be especially powerful.

Tell a story
Quotes and stories from participants can go a long way to show the impact of the project in addition to statistics and technical language.

A strong reference 
A reference from an internationally-known institution strengthens the application.  Ensure the reference is talking about the same achievements of your project that you are describing in your application.

Tailor your content
The jury can tell when your application is copy and pasted from another proposal.

Give evidence
As much as possible, providing data such as hectares restored, or the number of people benefited, helps the jury to fully understand the project’s impact.

Attachments strengthen your case
Is there a great article published about your work in the media?  Do you have a short overview of the project already prepared to share with donors? Go ahead and attach it.  A well-chosen attachment can do a lot to support your application.

More is not better
We know you do so much. But please be selective in what you include in your application.  Remember this famous quote: “Good things, when short, are twice as good,” Baltasar Gracian.

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