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E-Forum "Empowering Youth through Green Jobs"

​World Youth Skills Day (15 July) serves as an opportunity to highlight the importance of youth skills development. The UNCCD and its partners recognize and support projects and initiatives that seek to equip young people with tools and resources that will develop their capacity in sustainable land management (SLM). This will enable them to obtain decent work in a sustainable low carbon world and help to address global challenges in particular, poverty eradication and the issue of migration.

Seeing the opportunities generated from sustainable land management and land restorations activities and the needs to engage young people in green sectors actively, the secretariat organizes an E-Forum Discussion “Empowering Youth through Green Jobs” aiming to promote and engage youth participation in green industries.

Date and Time: 15 July 2016                  14:00 CET (UTC+2)

Venue: Live Google+ Hangout

Target Group: Youth global and public interested in green sector

Topics of Discussion:
  • What are the needs of youth? How do they relate to SLM and green sector?
  • Why green jobs for youth?
  • Green job and green entrepreneurship opportunities?
  • Which skills are needed for green jobs?
  • What are the available resources for youth to access this sector? 
Language: English
We invite all participants to send questions related to green jobs in UN Languages i.e. English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Arabic and Russian  to before 8 July 2016.

How to join?
Public could join the fourm by following the below link:
(if you have a google account)
(if you do not have google account)
the public will be able to view the broadcast once the Hangout starts broadcasting

There is no limit to how many viewers can watch the broadcast.
Viewers do not necessarily need a Google+ account to watch the event.
The Hangout allows for Question and Answer. So viewers can ask their questions either by using the comment box on our YouTube live screen page or through the chat box on the Live Google+ Hangout.

For those who missed the E-forum, you could watch the recorded E-forum. The recorded link will be uploaded at the end of the session.

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