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Expert Readers

We would like to extend our appreciation to the volunteer readers associated with the IUCN for their assistance in screening applications:

​​Mr. Michael Angstadt, Lawyer, Climate Change (USA)
Dr. Fakher Aukour, Assistant Professor, Head of Land Management and    Environment (Jordan)
Dr. Maria Alejandra Calle-Cook,  PhD Student in Trade and Environmental Law, University College Cork (Colombia)
Ms. Noelia Cerruto, Environmental Engineer (Bolivia)
Dr. Olivier Chassot, Scientific Coordinator, Tropical Science Center (Switzerland)
Ms. Carolina Collaro, PhD student, Institute for Advanced Studies on Science, Technology and Society (Italy)
Ms. Maria Comino, Environmental Law and Policy Advisor (Australia)
Ms. Laia  d'Armengol, Assistant Professor, Land (Spain)
Ms. Erin Derrington, Consultant, Eco-Management and Design (USA)
Dr. Narayan Dhital, Environmental/Agricultural Management Specialist (Nepal)
Mr. Philipp Gassner,  United Nations Environment Programme, World Conservation Monitoring Centre (Germany)
Mr. Richard Greening,  Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center  (USA)
Dr.  Elena Kreuzberg, Conservation Biology, (Canada)
Ms. Marie Elena Lucen Bustamente, Fluids Mechanics Lecturer, San Martin Private University (Peru)
Ms. Christine Hammond, Plant Molecular Pathology Technician (Canada)
Mr. Brad Hiller, Centre for Sustainable Development, Cambridge  (Australia)
Mr. Christopher Ilori, Msc Natural Resources, University of Greenwich  (Nigeria)
Dr. Rakhyun E. Kim, Research Fellow, ANU College of Law, The Australian National University (New Zealand/Republic of Korea)
Mr. Iman Moqbel, Lawyer and Legal Advisor (Jordan)
Dr. Mohammad Noor Alhamad, Associate Professor of Natural  Resources Ecology & GIS (Jordan)
Mr. Richard Osaliya, PhD Candidate, Dryland Resources Management (Uganda)
Dr.  Urbano Fra Paleo, University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
Dr. David Pitt, UNEP Millennium Ecosystem Assessment  (New Zealand)
Dr. Sigfrido Romeo Agronomist and Environmental Expert (Switzerland)
Ms. Ainara Terradillos Tejerina, Forest Engineer & Cartographer (Spain)
Mr. Doug Tookey, Deputy Legislative Counsel, State of Oregon (USA)
Mr. Vincent Trousseau, Researcher, CARE Ethiopia (Switzerland)
Mr. Johnny Tshimpanga, Agricultural Lecturer (DRC)
Mr. Tristan Tyrrell, Biodiversity Consultant (UK)
Mr. Michael van Rijckevorsel, Msc Land Management (The Netherlands)
Dr. Nathan Waltham, Principal Marine Scientist, Koskela Group (Australia)
Mr. Hua-Feng Wang, Engineer, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences (China)
Dr. Ellen Woodley, Liana Environmental Consulting  (Canada)



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