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Knowing your Land Footprint

Every product comes from the land in one way or another. This consumption of land is often called “virtual land” because it is not visible in the final product, even though a lot of resources are used in the production. By understanding your ecological footprint you can understand how simple lifestyle changes can reduce your impact on the Earth.

What is it?
An ecological footprint measures the impact of humans on Earth’s ecosystem. It is typically measured in area of wilderness, or amount of natural capital consumed each year. A common way of estimating footprint is by measuring the amount of wilderness (both land and sea) needed to supply resources for the human population. At a global scale, it is used to estimate how rapidly we are depleting natural capital. 
How does it work?
The ecological footprint measures the supply of and demand on nature. On the supply side, biocapacity represents the planet’s biologically productive land areas including our forests, pastures, cropland and fisheries. These areas, especially if left unharvested, can also absorb much of the waste we generate, namely our carbon emissions.
The Global Footprint Network calculates the global ecological footprint from UN and other data. They estimate that as of 2007, our planet has been using natural capital 1.5 times as fast as nature can renew it.
Do you know your Land Footprint?
By measuring the footprint of a population—an individual, city, business, nation, or all of humanity—we can assess our pressure on the planet, which helps us manage our ecological assets more wisely and take personal and collective action in support of a world where humanity lives within the Earth’s bounds.

Footprint Calculators
How much land area does it take to support your lifestyle? Use these links to determine your ecological footprint, discover your biggest areas of resource consumption, and learn what you can do to tread more lightly on the Earth:
WWF UK Footprint Calculator:

Don’t speak English? Don’t worry! The footprint calculator is available in a number of other languages:
Calculador de la Huella:
Calculateur d'empreinte écologique:
Calcola la Tua Impronta:

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