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Programme Objectives

The Land for Life programme aims to increase the attention and importance of Land Degradation Neutrality in political and economic decisions at the local, national and international levels through providing sound and knowledge-based public information on how anyone could gain various different benefits anywhere by sustainable land management.  
The operational objectives of the Land for Life programme are:
  • to provide global recognition to individuals, teams, institutions, businesses, research institutes, political leaders, decision-makers, journalists, media, non-governmental organizations and civil society organizations whose work and initiatives have made a significant contribution to sustainable development in the drylands through sustainable land management
  • to raise awareness of the vital importance of sustainable land management for Land Degradation Neutrality both as an opportunity and as an imperative of our time.
  • to raise awareness of the situation in the desertification affected countries and garner support for sustainable land management
  • to incentivize political measures fostering Land Degradation Neutrality and enhancing sustainable land management
  • to encourage international cooperation in support of sustainable land management
  • to emulate pro-active sustainable land management initiatives at all levels of society
  • to generate increased media coverage of the advantage of achieving Land Degradation Neutrality and its local and global benefits

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