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2016 World Day to Combat Desertification Countdown Campaign

Desertification and land degradation are now  major concerns globally. Sand storms, low land productivity and the extinction of wild animals are just some of the consequences which may threaten the future of humankind. Therefore, we would like to mark this year's World Day to Combat Desertification (WDCD) with the reminder that healthy and productive land is the key resource for all life on earth. .

As part of celebrating World Day to Combat Desertification, we are organizing a series of social media activities to raise public awareness on the importance of protecting and restoring land. Through these activities, we hope to engage and motivate people to action, and follow in the footsteps of those who are already at the forefront of land restoration.

Thus, we would like to invite you to "share" and "like" via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Weibo) our World Day Countdown Campaign posts,launching on Thursday, 10 March.

If you engage in our campaign activities, you have the opportunity to receive a UN certificate! . Check here fore more details.

Our goal is  to reach 50,000 followers which will aid us to spread the word about desertification and land degradation.

By reaching a broader audience, we could spread the word about land related issues and share the best sustainable land management practices more effectively.

Your one click of like and share could inspire more to join our good cause and get people thinking more on these issues!

If you plan to celebrate the WDCD, please send us your plan at We would be happy to post your plan on the UNCCD website and social media.

Please contact Jenny Choo for more information on WDCD Countdown Campaign

Thank you for your support!!

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