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1. How can I get involved?
As signatories to the Convention, every government is responsible for hosting the World Day to Combat Desertification in their country.  Each country has designated a focal point to the UNCCD which holds primary responsibility for organizing the day’s observance. However, anyone is welcome to organize events to celebrate the World Day to Combat Desertification. We especially encourage the participation of civil society, schools, community groups and the private sector.

Action ideas:

A. Build coalitions
Check if there is a possibility to work with your country’s focal point or non-governmental organization accredited to the Convention. National focal point contacts are listed here  and the list of all accredited NGOs here.   Consider other stakeholders that are invested in the issue of sustainable land management.

Potential stakeholders

  • Government Ministries of Agriculture, Environment, Water, Land use, Mining, or Climate
  • Donors and international organizations
  • Scientists and universities
  • NGOs and civil society
  • Farmers and local land users
  • Indigenous people
  • Schools and youth groups
  • Women’s groups
  • Business and the private sector

B. Organize Events
Bring people together to discuss how land degradation affects local lives.  Explain the issue through a panel discussion with experts and other stakeholders, lecture or film screening.  Display photos, show videos or invite local cultural groups and media to make the event more interesting.

C. Share information
Distribute information on how desertification is affecting your country. Distribute WDCD posters and flyers in shops, agricultural institutions and organizations where land users go to get their local supplies like fertilizer or agricultural loans.

D. Get online
Take part in our social media campaign by sharing our messages and graphics to help us reach as many people as possible through Twitter, Facebook and other channels. #WDCD14

E. Be creative
Organize local cultural shows or street theater. Consider visual exhibits to show the scale of the problems of desertification and land degradation.

F. Reach out to the media
• Write articles for publication in your local media (you can even send them to us, and we may even publish them on our site).
• An op-ed by the UNCCD Executive Secretary will be available, which can published in local newspapers on 17 June. 
• A video will be available that can be shared with TV or programmes to report on topic of desertification. 
• Messages from the UN Secretary-General, UNCCD Executive Secretary and ministry responsible for the event in your country should also be available closer to the date.


Tips for Advocacy Event planning 

  • Reach out to your local experts on areas of desertification, drylands, water, land, drought, soil, climate change
  • Check statistics about your country and region from the World Bank, or these links to environmental data from Ask people you know how land degradation affects their lives, and give people affected by desertification and drought a chance to share their experiences
  • Invite a broad spectrum of participants to your event, coalitions are harder to ignore than single groups
  • Link the issues of land, water, desertification and climate change to broader development issues such as security, gender, human rights

2. What support can I receive?
The key materials for the campaign are available for download, publication and re-distribution at no cost. You can also translate the contents of these materials into the local language.

Note: The Secretariat does not provide financial support to organize national events.

3. How can I publicize my activity?

A) Advise us of your event in advance.
Email us any time before 30 May 2014 with details about your event and we will post them on our website and include them in the media materials going out. Please provide the information requested below for the text.
B) Advise us of your event after the fact.
On 18 June, we will issue a media report on the activities that took place worldwide. We will be updating this information as we are notified of new events through 31 July. Send your details as soon as possible.
Information we need:
1) Name of event
2) Type of event (workshop, panel, TV, etc.)
3) Organizer
4) Photos
5) Date and venue of the event, include country name
6) Audience invited and titles of speakers and special guests
7) Number of participants
8) Key outcomes
9) A contact name and email address for a person who can be interviewed
To have your event listed, email:

7. Contact us
You can also sign up as a UNCCD volunteer to provide essential skills to support the campaign, such as: feature writers; editors; local media mobilizers; video film and cartoon developers, app developers for smart and non-smart phones; etc.
Send an email explaining the services you can offer to: and copy

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