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Colours of the Earth

 ​What could highlight human-and-earth relationship better than picturesque ground? Colours and nature of land do vary, but all are essential for the existence of one healthy earth. On the occasion of 2014 World Day to Combat Desertification, Mrs. Verena Reinmann will present her artworks at the UNCCD headquarters in Bonn, Germany. Mrs. Reinmann creates “Colours of the Earth”, artistic expressions using natural sands and soils, all fixed on canvasses, without having added any other material or colour.

Programme poster

About the Artist

Verena Reinmann was born in Leipzig, Germany and studied at the University of Hamburg, Germany and at the “Universidad de Granada” in Spain. She taught in primary and secondary schools in Hamburg, later in Mainz. She also worked as a teacher and guide at the “Museum of Natural History” in Mainz. In 2000 she started to collect sand and soil on journeys around the world. Since 2005 she creates artwork made exclusively with sand and soil.

About the artwork

For many, many years, Verena has been fascinated by natural landscapes and by rock- and sand-formations which have arisen in billions of years. She began to collect these eroded materials like limestone, sandstone and volcanic ejecta on seacoasts and river banks, near lakes, on plains, on hills and mountains during journeys in Germany, Europe, Africa, Asia, America and Australia. You can find some of these kinds of sand and soil everywhere; others, e.g. greenish or violet hues, are so rare that she had to “harvest” them with a teaspoon. The same material found in the very same place can have different colour variations. Sometimes the fine particles are more colourful, sometimes the coarse one are – depending on the existing minerals in the sample taken. With those earthen materials she composes small and big “tableaus” which represent the immense variety in texture and colour of the original and natural sand and soil. Verena do not add anything but (acryl) glue and water. It is necessary to put several layers of the sample on cardboard, canvas or wood so that the surface remains stable and the colour nuances are natural. She also never mix different types of coloured sand and soil to achieve a special coloured sample! Her artwork consists of documentary tableaus and freely designed pictures. Additionally, she writes a documentation for the artwork. If a person contemplates the picture and wants to know the country and the exact location of the sample, he or she will be able to find that out.

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