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Events around the world

  • The NGO Association les amis de la Saoura broadcast on radio a program where members of the NGOs replied to questions on desertification and land degradation from the local citizens. In addition they took advantage of the 17 of June to inaugurate the works for a botanic garden in Bechar.
  • The NGO Development Center International has undertaken an awareness raising discussion meeting, a plantation campaign and distribution of plant saplings and posters.
  • In the sub-prefecture of Athieme, the NGO ASPPIP (Association des Personnes Promotrices des Initiatives Paysannes) conducted courses in six schools on restoration of shades and campaigned for the plant "vétiver". Awareness raising on desertification was also conducted for the parents of the students in 40 schools in Djokotomey and Aplahoué. In cooperation with CERIDAA, ASPPIP also conducted a debate on desertification and a round table in the rural community radio station FM-AHEME to sensitize the masses.
  • The NGO Frank-Link Associates (F.A) conducted several activities such as: hoisting of banners, radio messages on environmental issues, cleaning exercises, tree and vetiver grass planting, rallies, exhibitions and presentations and finally a round table conference on "TV Center" by the Minister of Environment, environmental-related services, other NGOs and clubs.
  • The NGO Groupe D'initiative commune pour le développement rural, la Protection de l'environnement de l'Élevage et de l'Artisanat (DERPREA) mobilized young people for their awareness raising activities through the media, dissemination of information materials as well as tree planting activities.
  • The NGO Solidarité Canada Sahel organized a whole day affair in the Trois-Rivières inviting speakers to discuss desertification including Mrs. Delphone Ouédraogo of another NGO, CONAGESE, based in Burkina Faso. The activity included the participation of other NGOs in the region and presenting speeches, reports and theater pieces among others.
Costa Rica:
  • among other initiatives, produced and distributed to educational centers and public institutions a 17 of June poster.
  • The NGO LTSE celebrated the 17 of June in the company of the local population in Koumra with the slogan "Nous avons besoin des arbres pour vivre". They organised a conference and the exhibition of the documentary "Pour proteger nos terres". As a result of the discussions, the participants stressed the necessity to implement some priority projects to help in the implementation of the UNCCD.
  • The national NGO RUDEOR organised a conference to discuss different desertification issues such as the use of live fence sticks and planting trees for soil conservation. They also organised a tree planting day.
El Salvador:
  •  issued a postmark to commemorate the 17 of June. They also prepared an interview about desertification which was broadcast on radio. Finally, a colloquium was organised in the department of La Union, one of the areas most affected by drought.
  •  The NGO Arab Office for Youth and Environment (AOYE) announced the celebration of the day and included information on the celebration and the Convention in their newsletter Monatda-Al-Biah.
  • The NGO SOS-Sahel International in collaboration with the Agence de publicité Dream Team System broadcast a short publicity on desertification on different TV stations and placed announcements and reports in some newspapers and magazines.
  • The NGO Friends of the Earth-Ghana carried out lobbying activities as well as a follow-up discussion with policy makers at the national level to effectively involve civil society in the implementation of the UNCCD.
  • The NGO Vuum Tree Planting Nursery organised colloquia in various schools of the region. They also supplied seedlings to the schools in the area for planting.
  • The NGO Gia-Nabio Agro-forestry Development Organisation (GNADO) developed a three-year programme, which consists of tree growing and livelihood activity for the district of Kasena Nankana.
  • The MIO-ECSDE Secretariat diffused a publication entitled "Join forces against desertification in the Mediterranean".
  • organised information campaigns on land degradation and the effects of drought. Communications where issued for the indigenous population living in affected areas in their own languages.
  • The NGO TAP-Trust organised a meeting with farmers and local authorities in Natrampalli to raise awareness on desertification, deforestation and the mitigation of the effects of drought.
  • The NGO GBS organised an awareness camp at Gandhivan.
  • The NGO Kenya Volunteer Development Services organized awareness raising campaigns and tree planting with the collaboration of schools and opinion leaders.
  • The NGO USC Canada-Mali with the collaboration of ACD organized an open-house activity that included television broadcasts of skits on desertification, stands, press conferences, dissemination of information materials and films.
  • The NGO "Institut Marieme Diallo" organised raising awareness activities in different areas of the country as well as a tree planting ceremony.
  • The NGO AMPFSE commemorated the world day to combat desertification under the theme "Protegeons nos arbres et luttons contre la Desertification" (link with pictures).
  • The NGO Cooperative agricole al Baraka D'Aleg organised events to celebrate the 17 of June with the theme "Par la lute contre la desertification et la protection de l'environnement nous amelioreros notre production agricole".
  • Dans la localité de Charatt(Département de Mededra, region Trarza), une journée de volontariat a été organisé au profit du projet de regénération de l'acacia gommier initié par la cooppérative AL Amal parrainée par l'ONG El Birr.
  •  A Mederdra Monsieur Mohamedene Ould Ahmed Salem chargé de l'animation au niveau de l'antenne locale a tenu une conférence sur les dangers de la desertification.
  • Prepared a press release to inform about the problems of land degradation and the activities carried out in the country to implement the CCD. In addition it organised a meeting with civil society, local authorities and cooperation agencies to discuss possible areas of co-ordination.
  • Sierra Leone:
  •  The NGO Friends of the Earth organised a round table comprised of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Environment, the Environment and Sanitation Officer of the City Council of Freetown, tribal head, youth groups, traders, religious leaders and interested individuals from the community.
  • organised activities to commemorate the 17 of June under the theme: "Traditional Knowledge in Service of Combating Desertification"
  • Trinidad and Tobago:
  • The NGO Caribbean Network for Integrated Rural Development (CNIRD) distributed information materials and articles on the CCD.
  • The NGO Pamo Volunteers distributed seeds for planting to Osopotoit Community in the Kumi district.
  • The NGO TRENCOP organised speeches by local politicians on desertification (link with pictures) as well as showing a documentary prepared on the causes and effects of desertification.
  •  The NGO EPS organised a big scale olive tree planting at the IBB area as well as meetings with local development councils and local authorities. Furthermore, a symbolic caption (link with the image) was prepared and largely distributed in various areas of the country.

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