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Events around the world

  • The NGO AREA/ED organized a meeting with students in the framework of the project "Enfance et eau" (Childhood and water)
  • The NGO Association ecologique pour la protection de l'environnement de la faure et de la flore de Bechar organized two round tables with governmental representatives, local communities with the theme "Combating desertification and land degradation". The discussions were broadcasted through the regional radio.
  • The Ministry of Environment will hold a press conference prior to June 17, during which it will distribute a press release and other relevant information. The Ministry of Social Development launched a poster commemorating the day (poster).  Press coverage may be found at the following  links:
    Press Coverage: Article 1 (pdf), Article 2 (pdf) , Article 3 (pdf)


  • The NGO RUDEOR organized an awareness raising campaign on the UNCCD in the Bamboutos Division. The campaign targeted the local population and students on holidays.
  • The State Greening Commission, the Ministry of Personnel and the State Forestry Administration will jointly issue a document and hold a meeting to commend outstanding agencies and individuals in the fight against desertification. Television stations will interview and report their stories.
Costa Rica
  • A special poster (pdf) to commemorate the day was issued.
Côte d'Ivoire
  • The Network for Environment and Sustainable Development held demonstrations in commemoration of the day.
  • The Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment launched a series of activities (pdf).
Democratic Republic of Congo
  • The NGO OSEAHC organized lectures on desertification and actions to be taken to combat it in the presence of around 600 students.
  • A national awareness raising campaign was launched on the day with broadcasts in 32 radio stations, including in languages Quiche, Cakchiquel, Quekchi, Mam and Tzutihil.
  • Meeting entitled "The Role of the UNCCD in the Mitigation of Land Degradation" will be hosted by the Ministry for Environment.
  • The Università degli Studi della Basilicata Facoltà di Agraria launched a series of lectures (pdf) to commemorate the day.
  • The NGO Econews will organize events together with a community in the Baringo District to promote the establishment of the Desertification Trust Fund.
  • The NGO Green Belt Movement issued a press release (pdf).
Lao People's Democratic Republic
  • The National Disaster Management Office hung banners on main roads and organized a meeting at Lao National University as part of an awareness raising campaign about the day.
  • Radio and television strips will be broadcast; a speech will be delivered by H.E. The Minister of Environment; information will be disseminated to school children and tree planting will be launched; a documentary on participatory management of forests will be released on television.
  • The cities of Nara and Bamako will hold special events on the theme of synergy between the three Rio conventions of climate change, desertification and biodiversity
  • The NGO Institut Marieme Diallo organized educational and awareness raising activities in three communities of the Brakna Region (Abdallah Diery, Sorimale and Dar El Barka). The NGO carried out reforestation campaigns with women and children of the three communities.
  • The Ministry of Ecology, Construction and Territorial Development will hold a round-table discussion.
  • Special events will be hosted by a community at Grootberg from 13-17 June for all the communities that participated in Desertification 2002 Conference entitled "Alternative Ways to Combat Desertification - Connecting Community Action with Science and Common Sense." Awareness and information materials will be shared and a video shown throughout the SADC region.
  • The Nigerian Concerned Group for Environment, Population and Development held Presentations on land degradation, erosion and women's involvement in agriculture, group discussions and a Q&A session with students in commemoration of the day.
  • The National Authority of Environment will hold a workshop on the degradation of land in Panama, which will be covered by a national newspaper.
  • The NGO Proterra participated in a round table discussion on the role of civil society in the implementation of the UNCCD organized by the governmental focal point. Additionally, they prepared a press release (pdf) that was sent to major national mass media.
Republic of Congo
  • The NGO ASCOFROID organized a meeting on land degradation.
Saudi Arabia
  • A statement delivered by H.E. The Minister of Agriculture and Water will be broadcast by the mass media and statements by senior officials in the ministry will be disseminated to local newspapers. A webpage will be devoted to the day by the Ministry of Agriculture and Water.
  • The government will visit two regional projects aimed at conserving biodiversity and rehabilitating degraded land. Also, the Minister of Rural Development and Environment will deliver speeches, which will be broadcast on television.
  • The NGO network CONGAD will organize a two-day workshop on capacity building on desertification and environmental conventions, and a public conference on soil degradation in Thies (70km East of Dakar)
  • The Association pour le développement du village de Bougoutoub Banny organized a meeting in the village of Bougoutoub Banny with clubs, committees, associations, local authorities and teachEl 75% del suelo argentino está degradado ers to discuss about desertification and land degradation.
St. Lucia
  • A press release will be issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Articles on desertification will be published in local newspapers, radio and television programmes will be broadcast, and a panel discussion will be held. In addition, field planting exercises for school children will be conducted along major riverbanks.
  • The Land Development Department will launch a national campaign to reduce soil erosion by planting Vetiver grass in the center of erosion prone area of Northeast Thailand with 400 farmers, 100 students and 100 government officials.
  •  The government will hold conferences and debates, and communicate with the media between 30 May and 17 June 2002 as part of a national campaign to raise awareness on afforestation.
  • The NGO Ecole et vie organized debates in rural areas on land degradation as a threat to farm production.
Trinidad and Tobago
  •  The NGO Caribbean Network for Integrated Rural Development (CNIRD) issued a newsletter (pdf) entirely dedicated to the World Day to Combat Desertification.

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