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Desertification, Cities, and Me

​A special event to celebrate the World Day, “Desertification, Cities, and Me” was organized by World Future Council (WFC), SEE Foundation, State Forestry Administration and Beijing Forestry University on 16 June at Beijing Forestry University. About 250 people participated in the event in which the linkage between desertification and cities was addressed.
The first segment of the event was the keynote speech of the UNCCD Executive Secretary Monique Barbut. She gave five reasons why the city residents have to be concerned about desertification and land degradation, and actions that these residents can take to reduce the negative impact.
“Restoring land enhances the capacity of cities to cope with urbanization, climate change, pollution and many other problems that are directly relevant to cities and their people,” Barbut mentioned, “Land makes us resilient. It nurtures the future of our urban centres.”
The second segment was a dialogue of experts representing academia, private sector, government and UNCCD. Active exchange was made between the panelists and audience about the role of cities to fight against desertification and China’s possible contributions to the global fight against desertification.

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