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GEF financing for enabling activities under the UNCCD is being provided to eligible Parties with the intention to support them in fulfilling obligations under the Convention with specific regard to: (a) the preparation and alignment of national action programs with The Strategy; and (b) the reporting process.
In this regard, it is important to recall that:
a)      GEF funding for enabling activities is not a country allocation, and covers the entire period 2010-2014 i.e. no additional funding will be provided beyond the fixed ceiling during this period;
b)      Requests for GEF enabling activities funding should consider the needs of two reporting cycles (2012-2013 and 2014-2015), as well as preparation and alignment of national action programmes;
c)       Once justified in the request, funding will be provided up to the fixed ceiling (i.e. up to USD 150,000 per eligible country) on the principle that it is a contribution, and shall not to cover 100% of the costs needed. Also, it can only be used to contribute to national costs of reporting and alignment.
d)      Three different modalities have been established by the GEF to accede to such a funding, and these modalities are mutually exclusive, which means that an eligible country can only use one modality for the two priorities;
e)      While disbursement procedures have been clarified by the GEF secretariat, it is important to recall that - regardless the modality chosen by the recipient country - the formal procedure to request such funding should be always initiated by the GEF operational focal point.
More detailed information on the funding available to support the reporting process is posted on the GEF and the secretariat websites.
No other global assistance facility has been established to support the reporting process under the UNCCD, beyond the enabling activities funding of the GEF.

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