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Reporting elements

​As compared to the previous cycle, Parties and other reporting entities would have to report on new and additional elements:
a)      Impact indicators for strategic objectives 1, 2 and 3 of the Strategy: this applies to affected country Parties only, who will be requested to compile information on the two compulsory impact indicators (proportion of the population in affected areas living above the poverty line and land cover status), while information on the remaining impact indicators for SO 1-3 can be provided on a voluntary basis.
b)      Impact indicators for strategic objective 4 of the Strategy: this applies to all Parties and other reporting entities as indicated in decision 13/COP.9;
The remaining elements (i.e. information on performance indicators, financial flows, best practices on sustainable land management technologies including adaptation, and additional information) are reported by all concerned entities as they did in the past reporting and review process. 

Further to CRIC Bureau deliberations, the secretariat has submitted to to CRIC 11 a roster of databases and institutions for best practices as well as proposals for a data sharing policy with particular regard to raw data contained in the PRAIS database, prior to the implementation of relevant provisions of decision 15/COP.10.

It is important to recall that information on strategic objectives 1-4 and their impact indicators will be provided by countries and other relevant entities for the first time, and will constitute the baseline information against which future trends in the implementation of the Convention and its impact will be assessed.


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