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Reporting entities

Subregional and regional entities identified as per decision 3/COP.10 shall report on subregional and regional action programmes (SRAPs/RAPs). In addition to this obligation, those institutions which are accredited to the COP are also invited to submit reports on their own activities in the implementation of the Convention. 
Civil society organizations (CSOs) accredited to the COP are invited to submit information on (a) best practices to recommended primary databases (just like the other reporting entities), and on (b) their activities for the implementation of the Convention through the national focal points using specific templates.
The secretariat was requested at COP 10 to submit its report on assessment of implementation to the sessional session of the CRIC, i.e. at the same time as the other reporting entities and particularly the Global Mechanism.
The remaining reporting entities will have the same obligations to report as set in decisions 8/COP.8 and 13/COP.9.

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