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Reporting and review process 2012-2013

Many innovations have been introduced in the performance review and assessment of implementation system (PRAIS) by decisions taken at COP 10. Other differences in the 2012-2013 reporting are related to decisions taken previously by Parties but which are to be implemented only in 2012-2013. 

At the request of country Parties, the overall duration of the reporting and review process will be extended as compared to the previous biennium. Parties and other reporting entities will have a period of six months (March-August 2012) to compile and submit reports through the PRAIS portal. Three additional months (September-November 2012) will be used to assess and eventually increase data quality, and fill possible information gaps.
The preliminary analysis documents for CRIC 11 will be prepared by the secretariat and the Global Mechanism from December 2012 to mid-January 2013. The analyses will follow the guidelines agreed upon by Parties by decision 14/COP.10.
The dates and venue for CRIC 11 and CST S-3 have not yet been set, pending a decision of the COP Bureau. However, and in accordance with decisions 17/COP.10 and 26/COP.10, provisions are being made for the two subsidiary bodies to convene their meeting before the end of March 2013. 
The provisional timeframe below contains more detailed information on specific actions, milestones and relevant deadlines. As per decision 14/COP.10, the timetable has now made available on the UNCCD.

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