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2014 reporting deadline closed

On 31 July, 187 reports from UNCCD Country Parties have been submitted for the 2014 leg of the UNCCD 5th reporting and review process. The 2014 reporting exercise was officially launched on February 1st, 2014. 
For the 2014 reporting process simplified reporting tools were introduced, and new templates for affected and developed country Parties were made available in the required languages. 
The UNCCD secretariat and the Global Mechanism have facilitated the reporting process within the framework of the Global Support Programme funded by the GEF and implemented by UNEP. Thanks to the efforts of the reporting officers of all country Parties, and with the assistance of regional consultants recruited through the Global Support Programme, 93% of affected country Parties and 67% of developed country Parties have submitted their reports. This unprecedented result constitutes a 50,7% increase in reporting by affected and a 67% increase in reporting by developed country Parties from the last reporting process. 
All the submitted reports will be available to the public soon through the new PRAIS-2 platform. The secretariat and the Global Mechanism will now conduct together with country Parties a quality assurance of data submitted before official documentation for the CRIC will be drafted. For all country Parties that did not meet the deadline, please be informed that submission is still possible. 

Submitted reports are available on the home page of the PRAIS​ portal. 

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