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Templates for the 2014 reporting exercise

​The reporting templates for affected and developed country Parties are published below as Adobe PDF fillable file.  These templates can be filled out in the PDF forms, and will need to be submitted through the new PRAIS-2 system.

UPDATE 6 June 2014: Please note that the PDF forms have been replaced by an updated version, due to a technical malfunctioning which has been reported to us. Please download and use these files to compile and submit your report. In case you have already started compiling the report using the old form and have experienced problem in saving the file, please contact the UNCCD secretariat through the Helpdesk at Please note that continuing working with the old file may result in data loss.

UPDATE 3 July 2014: Please find below an excel spreadsheet that can be used for filling in information relevant for the Unified Financial Annex (UFA). In case you find this file format easier to use than the UFA section within the reporting template, please fill in relevant information into the excel file and leave the UFA section within the template blank. You will be able to submit the completed report together with the excel file when you submit your report to the PRAIS 2 portal. If you encounter problems in the use of the file or the submission of your report please contact the UNCCD secretariat through the Helpdesk at


  • Template for affected country Parties (ACP)  ARA   ENG  FRE  RUS CHI  SPA
  • Template for developed country Parties (DCP) ENG FRE SPA​
  • Template for Civil Society Organizations (CSO) ENG  FRE  SPA
  • Template for Subregional Action Programmes (SRAP)  ENG FRE  SPA
  • Template for Regional Action Programmes (RAP)  ENG
  • Template for the Global Environment Facility (GEF)  ENG
  • Template for United Nations and Intergovernmental Organizations (UN/IGO)  ENG
  • Template for the Global Mechanism (GM)
  • Excel spreadsheet template UFA (optional)
PLEASE NOTE: Before start using these files, you need to first save them to the hard drive of your computer, and then open the file with the latest version of Adobe Reader (version XI), available for free download at​


All accredited reporting officers have received an email with credentials, and instructions on how to submit the report through the PRAIS-2 platform. (please check the Frequently Asked Questions if you have not received your credentials).

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