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Consultative Meeting of Experts on a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) on Land Degradation Neutral World (LDNW) and on the target of Zero Net Land Degradation (ZNLD)

​The Consultative Meeting on a Land-Degradation Neutral World (LDNW), hosted by the government of the Republic of Korea and facilitated by the UNCCD Secretariat, took place on 26-27 June 2013 in Seoul, Republic of Korea. During the two-day event, government representatives, scientists and civil society organizations discussed ways to implement the outcomes of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) whereby countries committed to strive to achieve a land-degradation neutral world.  

The meeting was chaired by Jia Xiaoxia, Director of the International Bureau to Combat Desertification, State Forestry Administration, China. The recommendations on targets, indicators and the modalities for implementation, discussed at the expert meeting, will be considered at the UNCCD’s 11th Conference of the Parties to be held in Namibia from 16-27 September 2013. Below you can watch the videos of the opening remarks and the presentations made on 26 June. 
Oakwood Premier Coex Center
Seoul, Republic of Korea
26 June 2013

Plenary Session 
Welcome and Opening Remarks

Mr. Luc Gnacadja, UNCCD Executive Secretary​
Dr. Yongha Kim, Vice Minister of the Korea Forest Service, Government of the Republic of Korea

Melchiade Bukuru, Chief, UNCCD Liaison Office, UNHQ, New York
Outcomes of and follow up to the Rio+20 Conference relevant to desertification, land degradation and drought issues

Pamela Chasek, Manhattan College, International Institute for Sustainable Development
Definition of a LDNW and the ZNLD target: Perspectives from the Sede Boqer Workshop (November 2012)


Questions and Answers

Irene L. Heuser, Deputy Chair of Specialist Group on Sustainable Soils and Desertification of IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law. Legal options for integrating land and soil issues in the UNCCD 
Ivonne Lobos Alva, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies
Outcomes and follow up to the 1st Global Soil Week Dialogue Sessions
Victor Castillo, UNCCD Secretariat
Impact indicators in the context of the UNCCD 

Questions and Answers; Open Discussion 

Read the press release about the meeting here​

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