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UNCCD 3rd Scientific Conference

The UNCCD 3rd scientific conference on “Combating desertification, land degradation and drought (DLDD) for poverty reduction and sustainable development – the contribution of science, technology, traditional knowledge and practices” (decision 18/COP.10) took place at the fourth special session of the Committee on Science and Technology (CST S-4) from 9 to 12 March 2015 in Cancun, Mexico.
Global changes are expected to aggravate DLDD and the vulnerability of populations, particularly those living in drylands. Thus, the conference focused on how to anticipate the impact of climate change and land degradation, in order to be able to promote adaptive and sustainable land management approaches to reduce poverty and land degradation while achieving sustainable development​.

The conference, which was organized by the consortium "Scientific & Traditional Knowledge for Sustainable Development" (STK4SD) under the guidance of the the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC), gathered nearly 300 participants from 90 countries.​
A conference impulse report entitled "Climate change and desertification: Anticipating, assessing & adapting to future change in drylands" was prepared to inform the conference deliberations. The executive summary of this report is available in the six languages of the United Nations as contained in document ICC​​D/CST(S-4)/2.
The book of abstracts gathers the abstracts of the 197 contributions which were presented at the conference. 
The preliminary outcomes of the conference are summarized in a flyer and in a brochure entitled "Climate change and land degradation: Bridging knowledge and stakeholders".

In the aftermath of the conference, the Science-Policy Interface (SPI​) reviewed the outputs of the conference and developed policy-oriented proposals for consideration by Committee on Science and Technology (ICCD/COP(12)/​​​CST/2). The COP at its twelfth session took into consideration the scientific findings of the conference and adopted decision​ 18/COP.12 based on its outcomes.  

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