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Mihail Daradur 

Mihail Daradur has a background in Geography and works as climatologist at the State Hydrometeorological Service of the Republic of Moldova. He started his research and teaching career at the Hydro-meteorological Research Center of the Russian Federation and at the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. He has extensive experience in climate change/variability/extremes and in climate risk assessment and management. Current research interests focus on climate change/variability and drought related risks which bridge to other areas of geographical sciences (hydrology, geomorphology, soils) and to the general areas of geographic information science. The scientific approach is based on understanding of the system nature and complex challenge of these issues that suggests an interdisciplinary approach and scientific inputs to designing response plans that are highly dependent on human behavior in a changing climate. The overall goal of his scientific, expert and teaching activity is a more effective use of the actual and modelled climate/drought and related risks data in aligning with design information and facilitating decision making process.

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