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Tao Wang

Tao Wang works for the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) as the Director and Research Professor of the Key Laboratory of Desert and Desertification. He holds a Ph.D. in Physical Geography in 1988 from the Institute of Desert Research, CAS. He was the Director General of the Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute, CAS (2003-2012) and is the President of Lanzhou Branch of CAS (2011).  Through the research for 30 years on the fields of aeolian desertification such as the key basic scientific issues, physical and biological process, monitoring and assessing, combating policy and strategy and approach, he has made significant contributions for understanding and combating the process of desertification in China. He is also involved in the board of many associations linked with desert and desertification research, training and development in the domestic and overseas.

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