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International Interdisciplinary Scientific Advice

At its eleventh session the Conference of the Parties decided to establish a Science-Policy Interface (SPI) with the goal to facilitate a two-way science-policy dialogue and ensure the delivery of policy-relevant information, knowledge and advice on desertification/land degradation and drought (DLDD) (decision 23/COP.11 and its corrigendum).  

The SPI will comprise a body of globally renowned DLDD and political scientists, who will identify the needs for scientific knowledge, explore mechanisms for addressing them and present findings to policymakers in a language that can be used to mold effective and sustainable land use policies to secure land productivity.

The establishment of the SPI was decided as a means to strengthen the Committee on Science and Technology (CST) and to achieve operational objective 3 of The Strategy which is for the Convention “to become a global authority on scientific and technical knowledge pertaining to desertification/land degradation and mitigation of the effects of drought”.

This breakthrough is the result of a process which started in 2010 with an assessment on how to organize international, interdisciplinary scientific advice (see document ICCD/CST(S-2)/4, ICCD/COP(10)/CST/6 and the report of the e-survey) and was brought forward in 2012-2013 by the Ad hoc Working Group on Scientific Advice (AGSA).  


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