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The UNCCD Knowledge Portal

Addressing land degradation, through restoration, mitigation and sustainable land management, requires a lot of knowledge, capacity and resources. Often that knowledge and those resources are very specific for local circumstances. Meanwhile there are many sources available for that knowledge and those resources. How do we ensure this information reaches the right people? How do we find our way through the many sources, websites and knowledge bases available? The UNCCD Knowledge Portal addresses that issue.
SKBP Search Portal

The SKBP Search portal includes a search interface, providing awareness, guidance and access to various knowledge sources, including:
  • A large selection of literature and articles from our various partners
  • The UNCCD roster of Experts
  • The interactive maps of knowledge systems
  • Best Practices
  • The UNCCD Capacity Building marketplace

Quick access

  • Prais
  • UNCCD Capacity Building Marketplace