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The UNCCD Knowledge Portal

Access to reliable data and tacit knowledge as well as the ability to share this knowledge in an accessible and user friendly way is crucial in tackling the major environmental problems of Desertification, Land Degradation and Drought (DLDD), as well as in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly goal 15.3:

“by 2030, combat desertification, and restore degraded land and soil, including land affected by desertification, drought and floods, and strive to achieve a land-degradation neutral world”

The landscape of information and knowledge related to DLDD and Sustainable Land Management (SLM) practices is fragmented, making the gaps between research, policy and practice all the more challenging to overcome. In addition to this, there is a diverse array of stakeholders generating knowledge that requires efficient tools for extensive dissemination. The UNCCD Knowledge Portal SKBP aims to be the knowledge broker between these knowledge repositories, facilitating the transfer and exchange of knowledge from where it is abundant to where it is needed.
SKBP Search Portal





The SKBP Search portal includes a search interface, providing awareness, guidance and access to various knowledge sources, including:

  • A large selection of literature and articles from our various partners
  • The UNCCD roster of Experts
  • The interactive maps of knowledge systems - PRAIS data
  • Best Practices -UNCCD SLM Best Practices
  • The UNCCD Capacity Building marketplace
  • UNCCD Library

Past, present and future:

Under the 10-year strategic plan and framework to enhance the implementation of the Convention (2008–2018 - Strategy) the Parties mandated the Committee on Science and Technology (CST) to establish knowledge management systems to improve the brokering of scientific and technical information on issues related to desertification, land degradation and drought (DLDD). This mandate, refined by decisions 21/COP.10 and 24/COP.11, and detailed in document ICCD/COP(11)/CST/6, moved from concept to pilot portal in 2014 and 2015.
The SKBP-beta was showcased at COP12 where future objectives towards improving the knowledge management processes were outlined.
Continuing, COP12 requested that the Secretariat further improve knowledge management capacities, developing and expanding on information brokering related to DLDD. The SKBP is envisioned to expand its partner base as well as the range of knowledge products channeled through the SKBP in order to provide relevant information to different target groups (Decision 20/COP.12).

Partnerships for the SKBP

Currently the SKBP includes partners from initiatives/networks closely related to the UNCCD including: WOCAT, AGRIS, TECA, ISRIC, CSIC, and USDA Jornada.

The SKBP is constantly expanding its partner base, striving to develop information brokering in different areas particularly focusing on the DLDD/SLM monitoring and assessment, migration, security, conflicts, as well as restoration and rehabilitation of land.

If you manage a database that is relevant to DLDD and LDN and are interested in joining our growing group of partners, please let us know at:



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