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The SKBP Pilot- Interactive Web Map of Global SLM Knowledge Resources is Now Accessible

The SKBP Pilot has made many strides since COP 11 was held in Windhoek, Namibia.  On 17 June 2014, in celebration of the World Day to Combat Desertification, the UNCCD will provide land managers and other global audiences with an interactive web map that illustrates global sustainable land management knowledge bases. 

The UNCCD SKBP knowledge base map depicts knowledge bases that have been reported as sources of sustainable land management information by country Parties in biannual reportssubmitted to the UNCCD secretariat. If a knowledge base contains information about a particular country, the knowledge base will be represented as an icon for each country that it references.  

Each knowledge base contains a description of the country areas referred to by the knowledge base, a basic list of themes covered by the knowledge base, and the number of languages under which the site is made available.

SKBP Interactive Web Map.JPGUsers can also search for knowledge bases based on specific criteria, namely by : country name and general thematic areas covering the following topics: Soil management, Drought, Crop management, Deforestation/ removal of natural vegetation, Over-exploitation of vegetation, Land tenure, Poverty, War/ conflict, Soil conservation, Agronomy crops, Grazing management, Reforestation, Water harvesting, Soil erosion, Biodiversity, Water degradation, and Climate change.

The UNCCD SKBP Knowledge Base Map has been developed in cooperation with the Jornada Dryland Research Program, United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service (ARS). It willcontinue to be updated on a periodical basis. Users are encouraged to submit new recommendations for other sustainable land management knowledge bases by contacting the UNCCD Secretariat

The interactive web map represents the first stage in the development of the SKBP Pilot. Since January 2014, the UNCCD Secretariat, along with key partners have been working toward the development of a complementing search portal that allows users to search across multiple land management in one click. While still under development, this component of the SKBP is expected to improve acces to the world's documented knowledge on sustainable land management practices.  

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