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Ad hoc Advisory Group of Technical Experts - AGTE

At its tenth session, the COP decided to establish an ad hoc Advisory Group of Technical Experts (AGTE) to continue the iterative, participatory and scientific process for the refinement of the indicators to be used to measure progress made in the achievment of strategic objectives 1, 2 and 3 of the Convention (i.e. the progress indicators, formerly known as impact indicators).

The AGTE held two meetings which took place on 23-24 July 2012 and on 21-22 January 2013 in Bonn, Germany.

The AGTE presented its final recommendations at the eleventh session of the CST which was held from 17 - 20 September 2013 in Windhoek, Namibia.

The AGTE recommended the adoption of a monitoring and evaluation approach consisting of: (i) six progress indicators common to all country Parties; (ii) nationally/locally relevant indicators that could provide more detailed information on the level and characterization of land degradation that is specific to each context, (iii) a conceptual framework for the integration of indicators. The recommended approach is based on a broader use of readily available global data sources; it attempts to link global level reporting with monitoring efforts undertaken at the national/local level; it is open to both quantitative and qualitative information (i.e. narrative indicators drawn from local storylines and case studies) and puts an emphasis on stakeholder participation.

Most of the recommendations of the AGTE  were adopted by the COP through decision 22/COP.11.


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