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Impact Indicators - Refinement

​Approach used to develop the set of impact indicators

In decision 3/COP.8, the COP requested the CST to advise on how best to measure progress on the achievement of strategic objectives 1, 2 and 3 of The Strategy.
During the biennium 2008-2009, the CST worked to carry out this assignment and implemented a consultative process to identify a set of impact indicators suitable to this scope. The process comprised: (a) an in-depth review of the literature and a global consultation of affected Parties on currently utilized impact indicators ; (b) a consultation of all the actors in the five regional annexes on methodologies, baselines and capacity-building needs ; and (c) a study on the availability of data at United Nations agencies and intergovernmental organizations. The findings of this process are synthesized in a comprehensive document that was presented at COP 9 (ICCD/COP(9)/CST/4) and that led to the provisional acceptance of the impact indicators.

Refinement of the set of impact indicators

Before, during and after COP 9, the scientific community expressed a strong interest in contributing to the UNCCD impact indicator refinement process. To maximize the integration of the diverse and technical expertise, the refinement approach was designed to be open, participatory and formative. Over 100 technical experts were involved in the scientific peer review of the set of impact indicators in the biennium 2010-2011. Two technical workshop were organized to discuss methodological issues related to the refinement of the impact indicators and data needs for the sub-set of impact indicators mandatory for reporting.

The main findings of the refinement process were integrated in Version 1 of a White Paper and in several official COP documents.

Group of experts

Despite the considerable progress made in this area, there are still some fundamental issues to be addressed. Thus, the COP at its tenth session decided to establish an ad hoc Advisory Group of Technical Experts (AGTE) to be tasked with continuing the iterative, participatory contribution from the scientific community to further refine the set of impact indicators identifying the most meaningful, globally applicable and cost-effective indicators. More...

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