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UNCCD technical workshop on impact indicators refinement

In response to the request of the COP at its ninth session (decision 17/COP.9), the secretariat, under the guidance of the Bureau of the Committee on Science and Technology, is being implementing an iterative process for the refinement of the set of impact indicators and associated methodologies.

As part of this process, a technical workshop was held on 16 and 17 December 2010 in Bonn, Germany at the Headquarters of the UNCCD secretariat.

Participants included 41scientists, including representatives of the major synergistic activities.

Presentations were made on the indicator evaluation results to date, the role and potential contributions of synergist efforts, and several key discussion topics (e.g., conceptual framework, indicator testing).

The workshop results and feedback along with information from the previous stages in the formative evaluation were used to produce (i) a refined conceptual framework, (ii) a refinement of the indicator set hierarchy, (iii) proposals (with varying levels of agreement among the scientists) among the Metrics/proxies reviewed for those that could be considered for testing or further development, (iv) a final version of associated workshop conclusions, framed as proposals for consideration by the CST, and (v) Version 1 of a White Paper on the scientific review of the UNCCD set of impact indicators.



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