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Impact indicators - Refinement: Meeting on methodologies and data needs for the UNCCD impact indicators

A meeting to discuss methodologies and data needs related to the sub-set of two impact indicators mandatory for reporting (i.e.:  land cover status and proportion of the population in affected areas living above the poverty line) was held was held on 11 June 2010, in Bonn Germany. Invited participants were representatives of institutions and agencies that have experience on the implementation of the two impact indicators. The meeting gave the opportunity to invited institutions and agencies to exchange information on international developments related to impact indicators and to share their experiences in implementing them.

The meeting had the following specific objectives:

  • To discuss methodologies in use to measure the sub-set of two impact indicators and provide practical recommendations on data collection, processing, monitoring and reporting methods for the production of these indicators;
  • To review availability, accessibility and quality of the necessary data for the sub-set of impact indicators and to identify data sources and gaps.
  • To initiate the discussion on the technical support that the invited institutions and/or agencies could provide in the reporting process of the sub-set of impact indicators at the global and the national level.



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