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Roster of Experts

Article 24, paragraph 2, of the Convention states that the COP shall establish and maintain a roster of independent experts with expertise and experience in relevant fields. The roster – maintained and managed by the UNCCD Secretariat - is based on nominations received from Parties, taking into account the need for a multidisciplinary approach and broad geographical representation. Decision 18/COP.1 outlines that the purpose of the roster is to provide the COP with an up-to-date list of independent experts in the various fields of specialization relating to combating desertification and mitigating the effects of drought, from which members of ad hoc panels may be selected.

Nomination and Update of the Roster and Disciplines
The roster involves over 1900 independent experts from 93 parties (as per September 2011). According to decision 23/COP.10, the parties are invited to revise and update the details of existing national experts and to propose new candidates for the roster in order to achieve better representation of all relevant disciplines, inducing traditional knowledge, now-how and practices, and of women, and more balanced geographical distribution of non-governmental organization. The UNCCD secretariat is updating on a regular basis the roster of experts, based on the official submissions from the parties.

Document ICCD/COP(10)/MISC.4 presents a table providing an overview of the expertise as per September 2011 represented on the roster of experts, sorted per disciplines by country and showing the first discipline provided by the expert.

The COP, as necessary, can appoint ad hoc panels to provide it, through the CST, with information and advice on specific issues regarding the state of the art in fields of science and technology relevant to combating desertification and mitigating the effects of drought. Each ad hoc panels appointed by the COP is composed of experts whose names are taken from the roster of independent experts, taking into account the needs for a multi-disciplinary approval, an appropriate gender balance, and broad and equitable geographical representation.

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