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Science and Technology Correspondents

By its decision 15/COP.7 on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the Committee on Science and Technology (CST), the seventh session of the Conference of the Parties (COP) encouraged Parties to select a Science and Technology Correspondent (STC) to the CST under the coordination of the national focal point (NFP).

Following the consultations with NFPs in 2010-2011 undertaken by the UNCCD secretariat (ICCD/CST(S-2)/5 and ICCD/COP(10)/CST/7), the COP at its 10th session decided (24/COP.10) that the role of STCs is to assist NFPs in scientific matters related to the implementation of the Convention and that their responsibilities shall include assisting national focal points in:

  1. Enhancing relationships and networks with the scientific community at the local, national, regional and global level with the support of national focal points;
  2. Establishing a dialogue with scientists and technologists at the local, national, regional and global level;
  3. Measuring progress in the achievement of the strategic objectives of the 10-year strategic plan and framework to enhance the implementation of the Convention (2008-2018) (The Strategy) and the reporting process.
Any further responsibilities for STCs should be proposed by the NFPs to their respective science and technology correspondents.

A comprehensive list of STCs is prepared and distributed during each session of the COP as an official document. As of October 2011, 144 Parties had appointed a Science and Technology Correspondent.

The updated information on STC can be found per each country in the section "About the Convention - National contacts" and selecting the appropriate country.

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