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Thematic Priorities

​As the global authority and normative reference on desertification, land degradation and drought (DLDD), the UNCCD promotes an enabling environment for policy responsiveness to existing policy gaps and ever evolving global challenges. 
Some of the policy barriers to addressing DLDD include the lack of information and data, and the need for reform and implementation of science-based policy frameworks.
The issues of desertification, land degradation and drought are linked to many development priorities, such as poverty reduction, food security, agriculture, water access, rangeland production and renewable energy. Addressing DLDD requires a balanced ecosystem approach, including considering energy sources, forestry and biodiversity in the broadest sense. It also requires good governance, gender mainstreaming and analysis, and the consideration of the roles and rights of indigenous peoples.


WWF_logo.jpgHigh Level Meeting on National Drought Policy

 A briefing for the diplomatic corps in Geneva on the forthcoming High-level Meeting on National Drought Policy (HMNDP) was held on 24 April. The High-level Meeting is scheduled to take place in Geneva from 13-15 March 2013.  The briefing was jointly organized by World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the UNCCD secretariat at the WMO Headquarters in Geneva. It was attended by over 40 ambassadors and diplomatic representatives.


Addressing the meeting participants, the UNCCD Executive Secretary Luc Gnacadja highlighted the need for National Drought Policies in the context of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD).  In his presentation, Mr Gnacadja noted that drought was predictable and therefore it was unacceptable that it continued to cost human lives.  He further requested the diplomatic representatives in the meeting to take an active role in promoting the HMNDP with their respective governments and within the diplomatic community as well as providing the necessary resources to enable the participation of delegations from developing countries at the 2013 HMNDP. The meeting was also addressed by the Secretary General of WMO Mr Michel Jarraud.

Statement of the UNCCD Executive Secretary

Power point presentation of the UNCCD Executive Secretary



UNCCD contribution to GEO 5

On the occasion of the World Day to Combat Desertification (17th June), we are pleased to release a technical brief on Land based on the GEO 5 chapter on Land, written in collaboration with UNEP.

Managing increasing pressures on Land - A technical brief

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