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Success story

Collective and Family Woodlands in Tiogo Forest Reserve Improve Incomes and Land in Burkina Faso. The following success story addresses not only the biophysical but also the socio-cultural-economic issues in all its developmental stages, thus ensuring long-term sustainability.
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Contact Regional Coordinating Unit (RCU) for Africa

CISSE, Boubacar
RCU Coordinator
Tel: +216 7110 2311

TARONY, Stanislao
Programme Officer
Tel: +216 7110 3608
Cell: +216 2110 5231

Add.: Angle des Rues Pierre de Coubertin et Hedi Nouira BP 323, 1002 Tunis Belvedere. Tunisia
Fax: +216 7110 3523
SepOctober 2016Nov

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Addressing desertification, land degradation and drought in Africa

Two thirds of the African continent is desert or drylands. There are extensive agricultural drylands, almost three quarters of which have been estimated to be already degraded at different  degrees. The region is affected by frequent and severe droughts.

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Africa: Regional cooperation

All African countries are Parties to the UNCCD . They build their shared regional objectives in implementing the UNCCD into a regional action programme (RAP).

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