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Success story

Restoration and sustainable management of forest eco-systems in Vitosha Natural Park, Bulgaria. Vitosha Mountain by the Balkan Peninsula was the first area to be designated a National Park in Bulgaria. It is surrounded by Sofia Valley to the north and southwest and Pernik valley to the southeast.


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Contact Regional Coordinating Unit (RCU) for Central and Eastern Europe 

Annagylyjova, Jamal
RCU Programme Officer
Tel: +49 228 815 2879
Email: jannagylyjova(at)
Fax: +49 228 815 2898/99
Langer Eugen
D-53113 Bonn
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Regional News

National Stakeholder Dialogue on Drought Management in Ukraine
Second National Stakeholder Dialog on drought management took place on December 12 in Ukraine > more
Concept to combat land degradation and desertification in Ukraine
Ukraine approves a Concept to combat land degradation and desertification in the country > more
Scientific conference “Afforestation and desertification 2014”, 21 October 2014, Moscow, Russia
Scientists have discussed ways to combat desertification and land degradation on a conference “Afforestation and desertification 2014” in Moscow, Russia > more
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Combating desertification in Central and Eastern Europe 

Soil degradation and desertification is intense in Central and Eastern Europe. Although the process and degree of soil degradation in CEE region is varying considerably from country to country, the vulnerability of the region to this hazard is evident and estimated to be increasing.

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Central and Eastern Europe: Regional cooperation

The region’s particular concerns are addressed by the Convention’s regional implementation Annex V which is the youngest annex in the Convention as it entered into force in 2001 .

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