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Flowers to combat desertification and protect biological diversity in Turkey. For a long time, cotton dominated agricultural production in the Harran Plateau of Turkey, despite this crops accompanying environmental problems.

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Regional News

Eurosoil 2016 Congress to be held on 17-22 June 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey.
The 5th Eurosoil 2016 Congress will be held between 17 and 22 July 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey. It will be organized by the European Confederation of the Soil Science Societies and the Soil Science Society of Turkey, under the auspices of Ministry of Forest > more
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Addressing desertification, land degradation and drought in Northern Mediterranean

The Northern Mediterranean region is a complex mosaic of diversified landscapes. It has been settled and cultivated for millennia by various cultures and civilizations. Much of the region is semi-arid and subject to seasonal droughts with high rainfall variability or sudden intense downpours.

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Northern Mediterranean: Regional cooperation

The regional implementation annex IV offers concrete opportunities for strengthening mutual cooperation and more effective national action in the Northern Mediterranean. The Annex IV consists of eleven affected countries (see list) and France, Monaco as well as the European Community as observers.

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