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Expert NameProf. Gevorg Pirumyan
DivisionEcological Chemistry Department
Telephone 570673
Work Experience1992-till present-Studies of Armenia ecosystem quality by forecasting and modeling of their development. There have been studies of natural surface water (rivers, artificial reservoirs) by hydrochemical and index methods. 1994-till present-Research in the field of wastewater treatment using various natural sorbents of local origin. 1998-till present-Study of chemical composition of precipitation to identify the atmospheric processes on the chemical composition of precipitation.
Qualifications•Chemist, Chemistry Faculty of Yerevan State University – 1973 •PhD., Candidate of Chemistry Sciences – 1990 •Doctor of Chemistry Sciences -1997 •Professor of Yerevan State University-2002
Number of Publications255
Awards1. The Lauriat of ST.George Prize (Italy) 2. Chevalier of “Int. Academy of Saints Giovanni, George 8 Michal Archangels 3. “Great Minds of the XXI Century” (American Biographical Institute).
Other Activities1. Academician of the New-York Academy of Science. 2. Member of the National Geographic Society of USA. 3. Export of the International Association “Water-Ecology-Medicine” . 4. The member of the working group on drawing up of the Water Code. 5. Academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.
Publications1. G.Pirumyan & other, 1992, “Oxidation 8 Reduction Reactions of Pollutants with Hydrogen peroxide in Bottom Sediments”, USA, N.Y. 2. G.Pirumyan, 2006, “On the variations of entropy in the environment”, “Vestnik RAU”, N2, Russian. 3. G.Pirumyan &| other, 2008. “Dynamics of the hydrochemical parameters change of Kasakh ziver & comprehensive assessment of water” Russia. 4. G.Pirumyan & other, 2009. “The chemical composition of precipitation of Yerevan city”, Waten & ecology”, N 1, p. 72, Russia. 5. G.Pirumyan & other, 2009. “ On some phys-chem. Properties of the medium molibdate series of rare elements”, “Ecolog. chemistry”, N1, p.55, Russia.
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