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Expert NameMr. Ashot Harutyunyan
DivisionEnvironmental strategic programs and
Telephone(+37 41 56-75-35
Emailashotosm(at); h_ashot(at)
Work Experience1.”Restoration of lake seven ecological balance”, 1995-1998, WB, local expert. 2.” national environmental action programme of the republic of Armenia”, 1997-1998, WB, local expert. 3.” national action programme to combat desertification in Armenia”, 1999-2002, UNEP, advisor. 4.”Lake GILLI restoration plan”, 2001-2003, GEF/UNDP, local expert. 5.”armenia-country study on climate change”, 2001-2004, GEF/UNDP, advisor. 6. “Persistent organic pollutants enabling activity national project” 2002-2004, GEF/UNIDO, local expert. 7.”Armenia-national capacity needs self- assessment for global environmental management”, 2003-2004, GEF/UNDP, advisor. 8.”national resources management and poverty reduction project” 2002-2008, GEF/UNDP /WB/government of Armenia, local expert. 9.”Conservation and sustainable use of natural resources ”, 2006-2008, UNDP, advisor. 10. “Monetary penalties and liability for environmental damage”, 2010, REC Caucasus, local expert.
QualificationsYerevan state institute of national economy faculty of economy of trade, 1970-1976.
Number of Publications10
AwardsCertificate of honor from prime minister of republic of Armenia (decision 685-a 19.09.2006)
Other Activities1. Secretary of the national commission of cooperation with global environmental fond (GEF) 2. Member of the national steering committee of small grand programs of GEF
Publications1. “National action programme to combat desertification in Armenia’’ ministry of nature protection, 2002, Yerevan, volume 200p. 2. “World summit on sustainable development-national assissent report’’, 2002, Yerevan, 18-20pages, volume 84p. 3. Environmental pollution and product charges in armenia: assessment of reform progress and directions for further improvement, 2005, OECD environment directorate within the framework of the eap task force secretariat’s environmental policy programme, volume 148p. 4. “Ministerial report 2003-2005’’ ministry of nature protection, 2006, yerevan,10-20 pages, volume 148p. 5.“The second national environmental action programme of the republic of armenia” 2008, yerevan, 19-21 pages, volume 70p.
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