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Expert NameDr. Nune Sarukhanyan
Telephone3741 57 57 79/57 49 85 /
Emailoffice(at), nune(at)
Work Experience1987-1988 Armenian Agricultural Academy, Department of Biology and Botany, Senior Assistant to the Head of laboratory. 1988-1996 Secondary School in Karabagh, Teacher of Biology and Botany. 1996-1998 Agricultural College in Karabagh, Teacher of Horticulture and Vegetable Growing. 1998 -2004 Armenian Agricultural Academy, Extension Department, senior specialist, agronomist (coordinate projects on horticulture, vegetable growing and food security, human health and organic agriculture. Work with Integrated Pest Management Farmer Field Schools (FFS & IPM), Women Groups on organic farming and Local Extension Research Group (LERG). 2004 to present President of Green Lane NGO, Republic of Armenia
Qualifications1981-1986: Armenian Agricultural Academy /AAA/, Department of Plant Breeding & Horticulture, Diploma of Agronomist. 1986-1987: Armenian Agricultural Academy, Department of Economics, Diploma of economist-organizer of agriculture. 2003: PhD in Agricultural Sciences
Number of Publications68
Awards•2001- Certificate of Achievement, UNITED STATES DEPARTAMENT OF AGRICULTURE •2010- Certificate of Appreciation, In Recognition of Professionalism, Enthusiasm and Outstanding Cooperation- Texas A&M University, ICARE Foundation •1999-2010 - /11 certificates/ Special Awards, Certificates of Achievement, Certificates of Appreciation - (Agro Vision, USDA MAP, Nederland, Wageningen-IAC, FARA Agricultural Academy of Armenia, Moscow- Timiryazev Agricultural Academy, ARM_PROD_EXPO, etc)
Other Activities•2002 to present: Organic Agricultural Development Committee member in Armenia. 2004 to present has been and still is an Expert for local and International Organizations (Democracy Today, WB, ACH, CENN, USDA, Green Lane NGO, ACDI/VOCA, MCA, REC C, world Vision, GUM, etc) •2004 April to present: Member of the Avalon international network, Nederland •2005 to present Member WSPA International Organizations, England •2005 to present- GL-TTP member and etc
Publications1.Sarukhanyan N G. 2010. Legume Crops Production . Yerevan, page 80 2.Sarukhanyan N G. 2005. Organic Farming . Yerevan, page 140 3.Sarukhanyan N G. 2008. How to Produce Compost, Caucasus Environment, Tbilisi, p. 18-21 4.Aleksandar Mikich, Petr Smýkal, Gregory Kenicer, Nune Sarukhanyan, Janna Akopian, Ivan Gabrielyan & others. 2010. “Achievements in Research on Vavilovia (Vavilovia formosa (Stev.) Fed.), a Legume Crop Wild Relative” Genetic Resources, Ratar. Povrt. / Field Veg. Crop Res. 47, p. 387-394 5.Sarukhanyan N G, Akopyan J.G, Gabrielyan I.G, Vanyan A.G. 2009. “Wild pea, Vavilovia formosa (Stev.) Fed.(Fabaceae) insituinvestigation in Armenia”, Grainn Lagume N=52 (The magazine of the European Association for Grain Legumen), p 24-26.
Disciplinewatershed managment
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