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Expert NameMr. Hassan Ahmadi
TitleHead and Professor
DivisionInternational Desert Research Center
InstitutionUniversity of Tehran
CountryIran (Islamic Republic of)
Telephone+98 261 223045/6/7
Work ExperienceFor more than three decades I have been involved with research projects at the University of Tehran in undergraduate and graduate levels related to Geomorphology, Watershed Management, and Wind/Water Erosion. I have been principal investigator of several research projects related to natural resources, conducted by the University of Tehran. I also have work experience as principal researchers with the Forest, Rangeland and Watershed Management Organization of Iran on a variety of projects dealing with natural resources management especially in arid and semi arid regions of Iran. As a representative of Asia and Iran, I am active member of the United Nations Committee on Science and technology (UNCCD) since 2002 to promote international collaboration on common challenges related to global warming, climate change, land degradation and desertification. Project Manager of the project conducted by UNDP titled" Strengthening of the post graduate programs of the Faculty of Natural Resources, Karaj" is an example of the international collaborative projects.
QualificationsPh.D. Watershed Management, Bordeaux University, France, 1974
Number of Publications94
Awards1. Honory Medal, National Academy of Science, France 2. Distinguished Professor, University of Tehran, Iran 3. Distinguished Book of the Year, Iran
Other Activities1. Head, International Desert Research Center, University of Tehran 2. Head, Iranian Association of Desert Management 3. Editor-in-Chief, Iranian Journal of Natural Resources 4. Member, Academy of Science of Iran 5. Member of Steering Committee, Soil Conservation and Watershed Management Research Institute of Iran
Publications1. Ahmadi, H., 2007, Applied Geomorphology, Vol. I, Water Erosion, University of Tehran Press, Tehran, Iran 2. Ahmadi, H., 2007, Applied Geomorphology, Vol. II, Wind Erosion, University of Tehran Press, Tehran, Iran 3. Ahmadi, H., Feiznia, S., 2007, Quaternary Formations, University of Tehran Press, Tehran, Iran 4. Nazari, A., Ahmadi, Jafari, M. Buggs, G., Ghoddusi, J., Malekian,A., Geomorphic threshold conditions for gully erosion in southwestern Iran (Boushehr- Samal watershed). 2009, Journal of Asian Earth Science, 35: 180-189. 5. Ahmadi, H., Nazari Samani, A., Malekian, A., 2009. The Qanat: A Living History In Iran, In: Water and sustainable development in arid and semi-arid region (In Press), Eds. G. Schneier Mandanes and M. F. Courel, Chapter 16, Springer, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated21/08/2009 19:17:00

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