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Expert NameMr. Seyed Alireza Banihashemi
TitleDirector of GIS Group
DivisionWatershed Management
InstitutionMinistry of Jihad
CountryIran (Islamic Republic of)
Telephone98 21 8811362
Work ExperienceI am working as director of GIS group in water management department. My field of study was water resources survey. I used remote sensing and GIS for: Geological mapping land cover mapping - ground water modelling and hydrological study.
QualificationsM.Sc. in Water resources survey (with emphasis on ground water) 1994 - ITC the Netherlands.
Number of Publications3
Awards1. Selected in APO for land use planning seminar, 1996, Japan. 2. Representative of Ministry in national GIS council.
Other Activities1. Member of Iranian association of water resources. 2. Member of Iranian association of remote sensing. 3. Member of national GIS council. 4. Member of watershed management association. 5. Member of international association of hydrogeologists.
Publications1. Hydrogeologyof Zanjan Rud Catchment. ITC. Netherlands 1994, 110 pages. 2. Natural ground water recharge estimation semi arid zones. ITC Netherlands 1993, 20 pages. 3. The surface water and ground water relationship, 5 pages.
Last updated09/05/2007 11:55:00

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