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Expert NameMr. Mohammad Reza Ekhtesasi
TitleResearcher & Master in Desert Subjects
DivisionIran Desert Research Center
InstitutionUniversity of Tehran
CountryIran (Islamic Republic of)
Telephone98 21 673380
Work Experience- Study on dynamic of mobile sand dunes for about 5 years in center and south of Iran and research about morphometry and morphoscopy of these particles. - Estimating of threshold wind velocity by bag traps and portable wind tunnel (W.E. meter). - Estimating of Desertification potential and mapping on 10 million hectare in center of Iran.
QualificationsM.S. in arid zone watershed management, Tehran University, 1994.
Number of Publications10
Awards1. Honorary member of programming committee of technology university of Yazd. 2. Honorary member of ground water management committee in Yazd province. 3. Honorary member of flood and drought committee in Yazd province.
Other Activities1. Supervisor of sand dune fixation project in sorgalm - Jask - Iran. 2. Supervisor of watershed management project in rodan basin - Iran. 3. Supervisor of desert control project in Sirjan basin - Iran. 4. Planning and accomplishment of water spreading in Yazd plain - Iran.
Publications1. Ekhtesasi M.R., 1996, A study for ascertaining the origin of sand dunes in Yazd - Ardekan Plain, 260. R.I.F.R., Tehran, Iran. 2. Ekhtesasi M.R., 1993, Geomorphology of Yazd - Ardekan Basin, 71, Jahad-e-Sazandegi, Yazd, Iran. 3. Ekhtesasi M.R., 19911, Planning of portable wind tunnel for wind erosion estimating (W.E. meter) - 1st Conference of desert control, Yazd, Iran. 4. Ekhtesasi M.R., Ahmadi H., 1991, A study for determining threshold wind velocity in Yazd plain, 17, 2nd Soil science congress, Isfahan, Iran. 5. Desertification processes in Iran and Middle East, 24, 24th Converence of Desertification and Desert Control, Kerman, Iran.
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